Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yay!!!! My Colorbar Haul

I had decided that I was not going to buy anything before the latest Mac launch. After all I needed to save money right for the biggest ever Mac collection to hit stores this year. :P Well, my resolution went down the drain thanks to a lot of factors. The first and most important factor is that the collection has not launched in this poor city of ours L. Secondly I went to Amanora Town Centre which is a sprawling new mall in Pune and surprisingly ended up in front of a Colorbar store. I had never ever seen a Colorbar store in my life and most of the Colorbar counters in Pune are so badly stocked that you cringe every time you go there and see those bad, literally falling apart testers.

So anyways I went all bersek and almost cried when I saw that they have around fifteen velvet matte lipsticks (Most counters I went had just three to four!!). They also had the new Colorbar kajals, the shimmery I glide pencils, the shimmer magic baked blushes, eyeshadows and even the makeup brushes. So happily I shopped and shopped and then discovered that on a purchase of more than Rs. 1200 you get a velvet matte lipstick free so shopped some more. Here is my tiny little Colorbar haul. Swatches and Reviews coming soon. Enjoy…

Colorbar Flat Eye Smudger Brush 122

Price: Around INR 600

The flat smudger brush is great smudging your liner, doing some crease work or even applying color under eyes. It is made of goat hair and seems expensive but I actually quite liked it.  The bristles are tightly packed and it seems a bit scratchy. It works amazingly well as a smudger.

Color Eye Shadow Purple Passion

Price: INR 300 (It was previously INR250)

A shimmery rich purple color. It is just the color I wanted.

Colorbar Lip Pot Bitten Berry

A beautiful berry color which reminds me of Christmas. I am in love with this color and the wonderful texture of this lip pot which by the way is a lipstick in pot and not a lip gloss.

My Freebies: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Crème Cup

It is a fabulous nude shade. The price of this is around INR 225 but I got it


  1. I love everything that you bought!!!! most of all the freebie:D
    They let you pick the shade, right????

  2. No yaar...they did give me a choice between four lipsticks and I liked this one. Its a very pretty nude shade something tat was missing in my collection.

  3. Crème Cup is a really nice color. you like berry shades?...i find it hard to pull off any color with blue understone

  4. At least you got something nice:D

  5. nice haul! am going berserk wondering what to get for the new year's party!! aiyeeee no time no time :))

  6. @Sweet and Bitter: Yup the shade is very pretty..I love berry shades :)

    @Emm: Yup am very thankful tat I got a nice color

    @Coral Crue: Thanks dear..Don't worry you'll get all ur stuff..I too used to go on a panic mode before NY eve but it works out just fine:)

  7. lucky you Parul to get Creme Cup1 for free!!!! i love that lippy.. in fact I am wearing it right now!!! :P hehehehhe.. great haul btw!

  8. Thanx dear..I just love Colorbar and seeing an entire store n not just a measly counter was such a relief. I did check the swatch of the lippi on your blog n was so happy to get it :)

  9. Lovely haul.... loving the freebie its so good :D

    All I got from them was useless nail paints :( :(

    looking frwd for lippot swatches :)

  10. Sure dear will post swatches soon..Yes they were giving nail paint for purchase of 750 but then I hardly ever use nail paints so shopped some more to get a total of more than 1200..hee..hee

  11. awesome!!!! waiting for the lipstick n lip pot swatch. :) This e/s is so famous now na....i dont hv it bt luv this shade a lot ;)

  12. Parul!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have nominated your blog for the versatile blog award,

    check it out over here :

    Keep the good work going gurl! :)



  13. @ Jyoti: Oh I am sure you will love it..will post swatches soon. I dint know this e/s was famous (I am a bit dumb about e/s just starting na..) ..I had seen proudly purple before which is a muted version of this

    @Deepika: Thank you so much darling for nominating me..I will keep trying my best muaaah

  14. arre me too dumb with e/s :P its just that hv seen it in many of the blogs here. :) 'll wait for the swatch n congrtas :D

  15. hey BTW another award for your blog.Chk out my blog :)

  16. Thanx a lot sweetie..muaah ur all so nice :)

  17. nice blog u have here... m following u sweetly .. as for the haul ..its lovely .. waiting for review on lip pot !!

    check out my blog as well..

  18. Thanks a lot Riddhi..Will review the lip pot soon :)

  19. The lip pot looks very interesting..Loved your haul


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