Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bharat and Dorris Cream Eyeliner

If you live in Pune then you must have been to Phoenix mall. I mean even my mom in law who never goes to malls has been there. Well, while wandering around we came across a makeup store named Bharat and Dorris with some weird wigs there. I knew I had heard the name before so when I came back I searched on the net and it was then that I came across the website of the famous makeup artists.

I quickly checked the product section and was fascinated by the wide array of makeup products which included some great things like the T zone mattifier (I guess it would be a boon for all oily and combination skin girls) and a brush cleansing spray. Among the makeup products I loved the sound of the cream eyeliners, the flat eye smoker pencils and the eyeshadow base in a range of colors. Moreover the prices seemed too good to be true, so I decided I would I go into the store as well and check this out.

The B&D store in Phoenix mall is not too flashy or attractive. In fact most of us would miss it if not for the colorful wigs. Anyways I came across these amazing cream liners in the store and fell for them head over heels. I mean there is a gorgeous array of colors and it is decently priced at just around INR 390. I m immediately picked up one eggplant purple cream liner in shade no 14.

Price: Price of this product is super. 5g of product for just Rs. 390. It’s a bit pricier then the Maybelline Gel liner but you have to see the gorgeous colors they have. Moreover they are quite reasonable as compared to other colored gel liners like Inglot and MAC.

It looks more blue in the pic but it actually purple
Product Claim:

Ultra-smooth, cream gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Goes on “foolproof” with a brush in an easy dip-and-stroke action. Long-wearing. Smudge-proof. Lines up in a rich array of colours and finishes. Brush sold separately

Texture and Pigmentation

The texture of the liner is smooth and creamy. I was skeptical about this because the testers at the store had dried up and I literally had to scrape off the product. Anyways when I got home and checked I found out that the liner is extremely creamy and glides on quite well. It is not as smooth as the Maybelline gel liner or the MAC fluidlines but then it is a cream liner and I did not expect it to work this well

The pigmentation of this product is to die for. One swipe is enough for a nice color. Moreover the liner does not smudge easily and dries up quite fast. The color intensity does fade after some time but it still stays quite vibrant

What Do I Not Like

  • It has no name. No 14 is such as lame name for such a nice product 
  • It is not sold with a brush. By the way B&D has a range of amazing makeup brushes and really nice brush rolls as well.
  • Bharat and Dorris is not easily available. I think it is available only in Mumbai and Pune.
  • The website stocks only a black cream eyeliner I guess..That is so sad. Such a lovely product should be made available for everyone
  • It will dry up so have to keep a duraline handy. 
Everyone should have one of these beauties. Highly recommended. As for me I am going to stock up on these and get a whole lot of other things from B&D including the amazing makeup brushes and the beautiful eyeshadows.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Faces Eye Shadow Quad: Go Chic

Faces cosmetics has become quite popular in recent months, thanks to the lovely eye pencils and the amazing sparkle dust pigments. I love this brand especially the eye pencil in Forest Green which I believe is a must have shade for everyone. The prices are reasonable and the quality is excellent. Much better than Lakme with their ever increasing prices. I recently went to their store in Inorbit Mall in Pune to buy the Forest green eye pencil as a gift for my sister (I have gifted nearly ten Faces eye pencils. Everyone seems to love them so much). So while browsing through the cosmetics I found that Faces has released new eyeshadow quads and duos. I of course swatched them all. The SA there was more than eager to show me everything and kept insisting that this was a limited period collection or something. After a lot of swatching and deliberation(I liked almost all but could pick just one..budget constraints L)  I finally opted for this Eyeshadow quad in Go Chic #2.

Price: This quad is priced at INR 249 for around 7g of product which includes four eye shadows. I find it pretty reasonable considering the quality and the quantity of product provided.

Packaging: The eyeshadows are encased in a black casing with a see through cover with the Faces logo on top. I thought the packaging is average. I have a hard time opening the cover. It is really very irritating. Inside you have a small applicator which is quite okay.

Product Claim:
Light and easy to blend, long lasting formula with Vitamin E which help nourish eyelids

Texture and Pigmentation: The texture of these eyeshadows is amazing unlike other cheap eyeshadows in the market. Like their other quads the texture of these eyeshadows is smooth and buttery soft. They glide on like a dream and you can easily blend them.

The pigmentation is amazing of this eyeshadow quad. In fact it is even better than some high priced drugstore brands in the market. It has four colors, a white highlighter, a blue shade, a gorgeous green color and a matte black which I am really happy to have. Just one swipe is enough to get rich vibrant color. The only problem is with the black color which needs two to three swipes for a rich, vibrant color. Check out the swatches.

Swatched Once: Without Primer :)
What Do I Not Like

  • The stupid flimsy packaging. Such a nice product and stupid packaging.
  • The color selection of the other quads in this range is not very great. I think I picked up the best one.
  • I haven’t seen this online. The duos are available though
If you are looking for a cheap drugstore eyeshadow quad then this is definitely worth it. I recommend this and would surely buy it again. Hmm..I hope this time I buy it not as a gift for others but for myself J.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss Strawberry Fraise

The Revlon Colorburst range of lipsticks and lip glosses have gained quite a decent fan following recently judging by the number of reviews on makeup and beauty blogs. The lip glosses in this range especially Papaya, Fire and Strawberry Fraise are sold out on almost all counters. However the other day I spotted Papaya on the Revlon counter at Dorabjee and quite literally pounced on it with glee. While I loved the shade, the SA there (who seemed quite patient despite women like me attacking her testers) asked me if I would like to try other shades as well. So she swatched papaya, strawberry, fire, aubergine and hot pink. Well, now I was confused..I loved all of them. I mean each and every shade seemed amazing. So after standing there like a dud staring at the swatches I finally picked my  shade, Strawberry Fraise.

Here is what Revlon claims about the product

A pop of weightless color with vivid, mirror-like shine. Outshines everything but you. It is formulated with:
Micro-crystal formula for 5X the shine of patent leather.
Plush applicator shaped to curves of your lips for smooth, even application of color.
Revlon ColorBurst’s Elasticolor™ technology for rich color with a weightless feel.
Moisturizers and anti-oxidants such as sweet almond oil and vitamin E conditions and improves lip texture

Price: This lip gloss is priced at INR 475 for around 6ml of product. I find this pretty decent considering the quality of the overall product. There are around fifteen shades that you can choose from.

Packaging: I the packaging. The patterned black cap and the sturdy see through tube look extremely classy. It has a flat doe foot applicator that can bend as you apply color on your lips.

 Texture: The texture of this lip gloss is thick, yet I did not find it extremely sticky. So you do not have to worry about sticky color transferring to your hair and other things around you (Whew..what a relief). The gloss is also quite moisturizing and does not dry out the lips at all. It has a faint smell of I guess vanilla which disappears after some time.

Color and Pigmentation: Strawberry fraise is a bright strawberry pink color with slight red undertones on my dark skin tone. It has some fine shimmer which does not look OTT. The pigmentation is amazing. I have yet to find a lip gloss that completely covers my dark pigmented lids without looking over the top. You can choose to have a single sheer coat or build up the color for a completely opaque finish. The lip gloss stays on for around three hours without any meals which is quite decent. Here is the swatch and my first FOTD

In sunlight: Check out the fine shimmer

Me: Oops.. Please avoid the dark circles
What Do I Not Like

Umm..Nothing actually. I love it.

I recommend this for everyone. While fair skinned beauties would totally rock this shade, I think dusky girls too would be able to do justice to this shade thanks to the slight red undertones. So go ahead and get your fave shade. My next buy would be Papaya (a coral peach) and Fire (a beautiful bright red with shimmers). 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eye Pencil

I love eye pencils especially  because I am constantly on the run even when doing makeup. (Believe me with a wailing one year old and an impatient husband there is nothing you can do). Anyways all I need to do is apply the eye pencil, smudge it with a brush and am ready to go. Recently I wanted a bright blue eye pencil as I am suddenly going through this blue crazy phase. (I am buying everything blue from clothes, makeup and even shoes..hi..hi) So I went ahead and did my homework and zeroed in on three blue eye pencils, Faces Turquoise Blue, Colorbar Flirty Turq and Bourjois Contour Clubbing eye pencil.

As usual the Colorbar counter did not have the shade. (Colorbar needs to resolve their stocking issues). So I was faced with two other choices. While I loved the Faces Eye Pencil too, it was the Bourjois one that had me falling head over heels in love with it. I got the shade Blue Remix # 45. It’s a bright blue green shade. Other shades included in this range are black, golden grey and a neon blue color. The names are complicated so I am just skipping that.

Color: The color is beautiful, blue green with hints of sparkle. I love sparkly things and so have no problem applying it during the day also. This is however the perfect liner for night outs and parties.

Pigmentation and Staying Power: Amazing pigmentation. In fact one of the best I have seen in this range. No tugging, no pulling your lids. The creamy textured pencil just glides on the lids with ease. And it stays on for six to eight hours without fading, smudging or disappearing from the inner corners yay yay yay. In fact it looked exactly the same even after six hours of shopping out in the sun. You can also use it as an eyeshadow base or smudge it for a smoky look.

With Flash: Stupid camera just did not get the lovely color

It claims to be ophthalmologically tested so I tried it on my waterline and it worked well. No stinging or blood shot eyes. Unfortunately it does tend to disappear from the waterline after a few hours but I guess all eye pencils have the same effect.

Price: It is decently priced at Rs. 335. About the same range as Colorbar and a little expensive than Faces which is priced at around Rs 250.

What Do I Not Like

  • I do not have a problem but some girls may find it a bit sparkly especially during the day
  • It is slightly expensive compared to the Faces liners which are equally great and awesome value for money.
  • Getting hold of Bourjois products might be an issue for some. Unfortunately online shopping sites do not have Bourjois products.
  • You need to have an eye makeup remover to get it off completely.
I do not know about the other shades but this is a good eye liner and I would definitely recommend it.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Latest Small Haul: Finally the Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss…

Last weekend I went usual.. Anyways this time I went to Dorabjee instead of Phoenix Mall which incidentally has become our “second home” (You cannot believe the time we spend there). For people living in Pune, Dorabjee is like manna from heaven. You get everything possible there from your groceries to household utilities and of favorite makeup..:) (psst..They even have ELF cosmetics)

Here are some things that I hoarded from Dorabjee. I wanted to go to the Faces counter there but my husband was glaring at me so badly that I gave up..:( poor me.. hi hi..

 This gel eyeliner is a dream. Will be posting the reviews soon. Every girl should have it..and yay!! It works on my waterline too.

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner with the superb brush
Finally the Revlon Color burst lipgloss that I wanted, Strawberry Fraise. Lovely color, smooth texture and stays on for a long time. Hmm..Have I died and gone to heaven.

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss: Strawberry Fraise

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick Plum Perfect

It is really plummy and it is perfect. Maybelline colorsensational lipsticks have made quite an impression among bloggers and makeup lovers. After having read countless reviews, I decided that I want my perfect colorsensational lipstick as well. Well, I knew that at least I would find the perfect shade for myself because this range of lipsticks has around 45 different color choices including brown, pink, mauve and red shades. Having decided this I went straight to the Maybelline counter at Westside. Of course as always I was swamped by SA from other counters, but I had decided that I was going to get a colorsensational lipstick ONLY (Well, I did end up getting some other stuff as well J, BUT at least I got what I wanted). Here is my review of the first (certainly not the last) Maybelline colorsensational lipstick

Packaging: The packaging of this lipstick is surprisingly good. I am sucker for beautiful, classy packaging and anything in cheap plastic things just is not my thing. The colosensational lipsticks have different shades of outer casing based on the lipstick color. Since I have a plum lipstick so the casing is a nice plum color. Believe me this is a boon when you are hunting from around fifty lipsticks in your makeup bag. This is how the lipstick casing looks (Cool..Isn’t it)

Color: The color is a gorgeous plum color. I am more of a browns and nudes girl but this shade just seemed so flattering that I just could not resist it (Of course I am eyeing the brown shades too..They are just sooo tempting). I am dusky and the color makes my face look bright. Here are the swatches of this gorgeous shade. (Sorry for the blurry pics..Still learning)

Without Flash

In sunlight
Texture: You will love the texture of this lipstick. Smooth, creamy and surprisingly long lasting..what more could a girl want. It glides on like a dream and stays for more than four hours provided you are not gorging on French fries and burgers in between. Even after four hours it does not go away completely and fades nicely leaving behind a slight hint of color on your lips.

Price: The lipsticks are nicely priced at Rs. 299. Considering the color payoff and the texture I think it’s a great deal.

What Do I Not Like

  • Hmm.I guess the smell..its kind off weird. I have a sensitive nose and hate any strong smelling product.
  • Maybelline counters (at least in Pune) just do not have enough shades of this range. The counter I visited had just ten to twelve shades of the range.
This is a great lipstick for warm skin tone and dusky girls. Will I get another one of these? Yes for sure..and the other shades too. In fact I went ahead and ordered Crazy for Coffee which is an amazing pink brown shade. Review and pics later :)

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