Monday, September 17, 2012

Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick Be Bold

News Flash for all makeup addicts: Rimmel London is now available in all Parcos stores across the country YAY!!!!!

For all those “garib” people like me who do not have a credit card and wait for any brand to mercifully shower us with makeup goodies that other countries have been enjoying for years this was great news. So next weekend I rush to the closet Parcos store. Well, I was impressed. While I was expecting a teeny weeny counter with two to three makeup goodies, I actually found a nice counter with loads of stuff including a mind boggling range of mascaras and lipsticks. Since I could not make up my mind about the mascaras I checked quite a few shades of lipsticks and was completely bowled over by their Colour Show Off range of lipsticks. I picked up a shade Be Bold from this range and was quite impressed with it

Texture and Pigmentation

One of the things that has made me apply this lipstick almost three times this week is the amazing pigmentation. I love…love…love it. The texture is satin smooth and it glides effortlessly on my lips. It settles down into a matte finish without being drying or accentuating the fine lines. It is somewhat like the Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks but I find the Colorbar ones a little more drying than this. The pigmentation is amazing. One swipe and you have really bold, rich color on your lips. Be bold is a nice reddish pink shade which as it is aptly named is quite a bold shade (So fain hearted girls can give it a miss) However it is not the pigmentation or the color, the best part about the lipstick for a busy mom like me is that it stays all day long even with meals and drinks fading only after five to six hours slightly to leave behind a reddish tint.

Price and Packaging

It is priced at INR415 for 4g of product which is quite okay. The packaging well, a bright garish neon pink with the gold band in between might appeal to some people but frankly I am not impressed. Somehow with the quality you expect better things. Apart from the color the plastic also appeared cheap and flimsy. Thankfully there is no weird smell just a slight fruity smell which is fine and does tend to disappear after some time.

Here are the swatches of this amazing lipstick. I have swatched the lipstick only once on my lips.

What I like
  • The texture is very good, a nice, satin matte finish
  • The pigmentation is amazing
  • The price is fine

What I did not like

  • It can be a bit drying especially if you have chapped lips
  • The packaging is a big letdown.

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