Thursday, April 26, 2012

FOTD with Mac Scarlet Ibis

It was my anniversary yesterday, our fifth marriage anniversary. We din't do much because my hubby had his we just went out for some time and had roadside Chinese. I love Chinese tapri food and when I used to stay in hostels it was our staple food on Sunday evenings when we had no dabba. I just love the deep fried spicy Chicken lollypops and thats what we felt so somehow I had been transported to the wonderful time five years back. I dressed up in a simple kurti and put on Scarlet Ibis on my lips. Its become my new favorite lipstick and even after all that eating my lipstick stayed on..yipeee

Monday, April 23, 2012

Vov Candy Lipcolor Palette

I had posted my haul pics for last month a couple of days back and one thing that caught a number of reader’s fancy was the Vov Lip palette. I got this from the local beauty store from where I buy all my Vov and Miss Claire makeup. I got this for around 190 bucks and the palette has six colors. Basically I got this palette just because I was so tired of waiting for the Inglot sale to start. Well, I am sure the quality is no where near those creamy Inglot lipstick refills but this one is a great palette for the budget conscious.

Along with the six lip colors the palette also contains a lip brush which is actually quite good. The bristles are soft and application is fairly easy with the brush. It also had a cap but my ever adventurous makeup lover daughter threw it somewhere. There is also a cover for the lip colors and a small mirror. I liked the packaging. It is quite thoughtful and looks good as well. The bubble tops on the cover allow you to see the color.

The first is a clear gloss with fine shimmer while the second is a light peachy lipstick. The third is a coral pink with a slight shimmer. The fourth one is a dark pink while the fifth one is a light orangish red. The last lipstick is a bright red. All the lipsticks have average pigmentation. Here I have swiped the lipsticks twice only. While the first two do not show up on my lips at all, the last three are my absolute favorites.

The texture is smooth and it glides on easily on even my dry lips. The staying power is beyond awesome. It lasts for more than eight hours and even if you have meals in between there will be a slight tint. No problems with fine lines and dryness. Here is an FOTD in which I have mixed the fourth and last shades. Palettes are so much fun..I love all that mixing and matching (I sound like a little girl)

My recommendation: If you can find it do get it. It is a good palette with some pretty shades and its great for travelling as well.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mac Iris Apfel Collection in Store in Pune and my Chotu Haul

I think it was approximately four to five months back that I had seen the pictures of the Iris Apfel collection which launched last year in stores worldwide. Featuring four limited edition lipsticks and some amazing eyeshadows and nail colors this collection was supposed to be a big hit and it was. An hour after it was launched the lipsticks in the collection were sold out..How cool is that. I don’t think I have been so excited about any Mac collection since Venomous Villains and Surf Baby. Anyways after lots of waiting and saving and waiting some more (phew!!!), the collection finally launched in the Mac Pune store last week.

Except Flamingo (a light coral pink lippi) the other LE lipsticks are there which includes Pink Pigeon, matte dark pink, Party Parrot, an intense reddish pink and Scarlet Ibis a beautiful orange red. The collection also includes the bright matt orange called Morange, a permanent color. Except Flamingo all the lipsticks are matte finish. The Pune store did not have the LE lipliners and I could just see Redd which is a permanent liner. The eyeshadows from the collection including Robin’s egg, Diamond Dove and Howzzat were there and I also spotted the beauty powder Too Chic in store. Since I was in a tearing hurry, I did not swatch all the colors. I just picked up the thing I had been waiting for so long which is the Scarlet Ibis lipstick.

This red coral lipstick is just beautiful. Apart from the color the matte formula of all the lipsticks is very, very good. It is smooth, creamy and does not settle into fine lines. Totally worth the hype I believe. For all you fairer girls out there please go get Party Parrot. That is the color that is worth looting a bank for (in my case my hubby J). Unfortunately on my dark skin it looked like a bright neon pink rather than a watermelon pink. As an end note I have to say that I am totally awed by the woman behind this collection, Iris Apfel. This 90 year old fashion icon is certainly the “rare bird of fashion”.

Disclaimer: This review and all the opinions expressed are my own. I have not been paid by the brand to write this review.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Haul Alert: Mac, Maxfactor and Vov

I went berserk shopping last month. I was just shopping so much that even my hubby gave up trying to control me. I don’t think I spent even one weekend without hauling some makeup stuff besides other things of course. I know I am a little late but here are the pics of my haul. Enjoy and hope you all get a little jealous as well…heee…heee

I got some Maxfactor goodies. I had never noticed the brand before but after some rave reviews from fellow bloggers I knew I just had to get some stuff from there. It’s a good brand with some affordable and very good stuff. I got two single eyeshadows Passionate Plum and Midnight black which is just gorgeous black with sparkly blue flecks. The lipfinity is very good too. It consists of a liquid lipstick and a lip balm. Apply the liquid lipstick and let it dry and then finish off by applying the lip balm. I have never used a long staying lip product as good as this.

I am crazy about Miss Claire single eyeshadows and Vov too has the same singles as well. I got a gorgeous forest green and teal blue shade. I also got this amazing lip color palette which cost me just about 190 bucks. It contains some gorgeous coral and red shades. As you can see I have been using it a lot last month.

Faces and some random stuff

I got the Faces Satin matte lipstick in mulberry. It’s a beautiful brown pink shade that is so creamy and amazing. I also got these pretty earrings for some 200 bucks from Sia and  the sunscreen from Vlcc which incidently has impressed me a lot. I haven’t taken any pics but I also got a lot of stuff from Lush which includes my favorite Sylvia Stout shampoo and some amazing soaps.

Finally my favorites. My Mac Creemsheen lippi Partyline and Hepcat eyeshadow…Isn’t that purple just gorgeous..I just can’t wait to get started.

Hope you liked my little haul. Tell me what you liked and would like me to review first. Ciao

Friday, April 6, 2012

Tagged!!! 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty

I was recently tagged by Samyukta from I Simply Love Makeup whom I totally adore..She is just so pretty and chirpy. I also got to meet her last weekend and have to tell you I was totally thrilled. Well, here are my answers :D

Q. What is your most inexpensive beauty product you love and why?
A. I love inexpensive products and my favorite would have to be the Miss Claire eyeshadow singles. The quality, staying power and the colors available is just amazing. They are priced at just 95 bucks which is so cheap compared to my other single eyeshadows.

Q. What is your most expensive beauty product you love and why?
A.  I hardly ever splurge on expensive brands but my favorites are my Mac lippies which I love

Q. Which beauty product you have love and hate relationship with? Name it.
A. This one is easy. The TBS rainforest hair butter..I love it but really its so tiring to apply it and just wait J

Q. What is your most delicious beauty product?
A. The TBS strawberry body scrub..I love the smell and even the color so much that I feel like licking it right off ;)

Q. Which product do you neglect due to laziness?
A. Face primers…I dunno how people have the patience to go through the entire ritual of moisturizer, primer, foundation, compact and all. For me it is just my TM and I am out of the house.

Q. What beauty product makes you feel confident?
A. Red lipsticks..It is very surprising since only few months back I was a brown lippy girl but red lipsticks now make me feel so confident and happy that I can’t think of my life without them

Q. What traits you find attractive in opposite sex?
A. Intelligence (not the geek type but more in a worldly way) and good looks of course

Q. What items you would like to receive as a gift?
A. Its my anniversary this month so should let my hubby read this one (What is girl supposed to do..Men are just so bad with gifts). I would love to receive a Mac ten palette with all my favorite Mac eyeshadows.

Now to tag 7 of my fellow bloggers..Here I go

Saumya from

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Colorbar Eyeshadow in Purple Passion

Recently I did an EOTD featuring Colorbar eyeshadow in Purple Passion which is a beautiful shimmery purple. Colorbar single eyeshadows are extremely well pigmented, smooth and are available in some gorgeous colors (Check out Spicy Brown..its yummylicious) . Although I am not really a huge fan of single eyeshadows and prefer “chotu” palettes but Colorbar single eyeshadows are really quite nice. The best part is of course the price. A mere 250 bucks for these amazing eyeshadows feels like quite a steal deal.

What Colorbar Claims
The Eye Shadow is a pigmented powder that gives the eyes a shine and pearl-like effect. Ultra fine in texture, it is easy to blend while its moisturising agent keeps your eyelids soft and smooth. This product is long lasting and fade resistant.

The packaging is quite good with the simple silver casing and see through cover which makes it easier to locate the shades. Like their blush packaging, the top part of the eyeshadow contains a small mirror and a curved dual sided applicator which I have never used.

The texture is smooth and the eyeshadow is extremely fine and well pigmented. One swipe gives you rich vibrant color. Blending is quite easy as well. I usually apply this eyeshadow without a primer or a base and it stays on for around five hours which is pretty good (Some of my expensive eyeshadows don’t fare so well). The color is a beautiful purple with shimmer. All you purple lovers out there should really try this is just beautiful

My recommendation: Try at least one color from this range. They are simply fabulous. My next pick is definitely expensive pink.

A Feast for Your Eyes! My New Mac Haul

There are days when you can go completely overboard and fortunately for me (and unfortunately my bank balance) today was one of those days ...