Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blue Heaven Xpression Nail Lustre 972

I am in Cuttack at my parent’s house and I have to tell you this place is just burning hot. Most of the day, I am sweating like a pig even when sitting under a fan. Not to forget the horrible power cuts that happen any time of day. Well, enough of my complaining. I recently got myself a nail polish from Blue Heaven because I had forgotten to carry any nail paints on the trip. For people who don’t know much about it, Blue Heaven is a local brand that produces cosmetics at really affordable prices. Most small towns and even shops in villages seem to have nail polishes, lipsticks and liners of this brand. Cosmetics available in small cities and towns is very limited, mostly Lakme and Revlon. I don’t think people have even heard of Maybelline, forget about Mac or Chanel. Anyways I asked the shopkeeper to show me nail paints and he opened three boxes which all had shades of pink and red nail paints. I asked him if he any colored nail polishes and he looked at me dumfounded and said “Itne saare colors hai  na”. Well, no comments but among that medley of red and pink nail paints I found a silver nail polish and picked it up. Now I don’t really like silver nail paints but I think it is a good base for crackle nail paints and nail art.

The nail polish is a silvery and very shimmery. The shimmer is not gritty and it applies smoothly on the nails, thanks to the pretty good brush. I have to say I am very impressed with the staying power of this nail polish. It has been four days since I applied it and it has not chipped or faded. It is priced at INR 30 which is pretty good. Here are the swatches…please forgive the really sad nail art..I am no expert at these things.

My recommendation: You can get it if you find nothing else J

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maxfactor Earth Spirits Eyeshadow Passionate Plum

My obsession with purple eyeshadows continues. In fact my friend Zara recently suggested that I should change the name of my blog to “Purpleparo” J. I am just so obsessed with this color that I do not seem to want any other color at the counter. Anyways last month I went on a shopping spree. I wanted to get Maxfactor lipfinity as I had heard rave reviews about its staying power of the lippies. Now am not much into Maxfactor. In fact I am a sort of person that is obsessed with brands like Bourjois and Faces and conveniently forget certain brands like Chambor and Maxfactor (I still do not have a single Chambor product but I am hoping that would change soon J). After I had selected the lippi my gaze wandered to the eyeshadows. The very smart SA noticed it and started showing me the shades and I fell for this beautiful purple shade.

Maxfactor eyeshadow in passionate plum is a gorgeous plum purple shade. The texture is smooth and totally free of any shimmer. On my pigmented lids this eyeshadow glides on like a dream and stays on for approximately six hours with a primer. The pigmentation is super good and it has zero fallout. Priced at just 375 bucks I think these eyeshadows are very good value for money. I think it is available for less online. One of the things I loved about these eyeshadows is the small cute dibbi it comes in. Now I am obsessed with cute packaging and this chotu dibbi with a screw on transparent lid is a favorite. Here are some swatches of the product. I will try to post some EOTDs as soon as possible.

My recommendation: Get this and all other shades in this range. These are fabulous eyeshadows worth every penny you pay

Monday, May 14, 2012

Vov Eyeshadow Singles

Before writing this post I would like to tell everyone that I am not a brand ambassador of this brand but I really like Vov products. The quality is fairly good and for the price Vov offers some really nice things. So for a person like me with a limited budget this is quite a good bet. I have a huge eyeshadow palette by Vov and the quality is fairly ok, nothing too great. So when I saw the eyeshadow singles I wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise however the Vov eyeshadow singles like my Miss Claire eyeshadow singles are extremely good eyeshadows with amazing pigmentation and staying power. I got a beautiful forest green eyeshadow and a teal blue eyeshadow. They cost me around 110 bucks and it is available at local beauty stores. There are loads of colors available. The texture is a beautiful, smooth and satin soft. They apply on the lids like a dream and stay on for a long time approximately four hours on my lids even without a primer. There are no shimmers and the eyeshadow just has a beautiful shine to it.

Vov Eyeshadow 0751 is a beautiful olive green eyeshadow while 0453 is a pretty teal blue eyeshadow. Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows and a FOTD with 0751 on my lids.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miss Claire Crackle Nail Polish

I am not a nail polish fanatic (this is just a way of saying I am too lazy to use nail polishes). I just can’t sit and wait for it to dry so it ends up all chipped and ugly. To top it all my daughter just loves to peel off my nail paints. The end result is that I end up using the nail polish removers more than the nail polishes. However with introduction to blogosphere and after seeing awesome nail art by some amazing people like Kejal and Zara, I decided that I was going to get a few nail paints. So the next time I went to the beauty store to get my Vov and Miss Claire stuff I picked up a few nail paints. Just as I was walking off I spotted the crackle nail polishes by Miss Claire and picked one up readily. These are so cheap compared to the Colorbar and OPI nail polishes, just 150 bucks. There were loads of colors available but I decided to get this blue one. The shade name is CR04 and it’s a beautiful dark blue shade. I applied a white base coat and topped it with the crackle nail paint. To finish off I applied a clear top coat. This brings out the color and makes it a bit more long lasting. Here are a few pics and swatches of the Miss Claire crackle nail polish.

My Recommendation: Get it if you love crackle nail paints. They are good and quite affordable as well.

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