Friday, August 24, 2012

Three Affordable Lipsticks: Blue Heaven, Coloressence and Miss Claire

Did you ever wake up at night in cold sweat wondering why you bought so much makeup and emptied all your bank account? Well, these guilty thoughts generally do not assail me but unfortunately my husband does not quite seem to have the same idea. So the budget restrictions are back in place..No No it does not extend to his ten thousand bucks Fossil watch and the extensive wardrobe that my one year old has. It is just restricted to my makeup Hmmmppphhh…So now I am on a lookout for affordable and good quality makeup products. I was recently hunting for some cheap lipsticks and while browsing online I spotted these Blue Heaven and Coloressence products on Flipkart. I immediately ordered lipsticks from both the brands. Also I got a Miss Claire lipstick while getting my favorite Miss Claire eyeshadows from the local beauty store. Read on to check out how these products fared.

Blue Heaven lipstick in Cherry Red

First things first. Do not trust the pictures posted on any online site. On Flipkart the picture is of a pink lipstick packaging with a see through bottom. In real life the lipstick has this gold somewhat cheap lipstick encasing which does not seem good enough to be carried along in a handbag. Of course I was disappointed and to top it off the color of this lipstick is not cherry red but rather a bright blood red. I somewhat dealt with this disappointment and swatched the product. The lipstick is creamy and the texture is smooth. On the lips it glides on smoothly and does not settle into fine lines. The color is rich and vibrant. It’s a nice red to add to your collection. Moreover the price tag of around 56 bucks does not hurt as well (They have increased the price of this lipstick on flipkart)

On the downside its creamy texture means it lasts for not more than three hours. It does leave behind a nice red stain though. Apart from the packaging I find the smell of this lipstick kind of revolting. Its got that horrible medicinal smell which I just detest. If you can bear with the smell and the packaging this is a good product. Moreover for college girls it’s a great budget product (Although I am not sure how many would like that bright red on their lips)

Coloressence Lipstick in Passionate Pink

This lipstick turned out to be the worst lipstick purchase I have ever made. Again the packaging of this product seems different than what is shown on the website. Unlike see though bottom with the color inside I got an all black lipstick tube with coloressence embossed on the cap. The lipstick is supposed to be a bright pink but it has this horrible dry texture that makes swatching it very difficult. It is extremely difficult to apply on lips and just forget about ever applying it on dry chapped lips. It just settles into horrible dry lines and even fades in patches. The smell is fairly bad as well. Definitely not getting any of these again ever even though they are priced at around 125 bucks or so.

Miss Claire Refill Lipstick

I love Miss Claire eyeshadows which are by far one of the best budget eyeshadows in the market. So I had some expectations from these lipsticks. The slim tube looks nice and dainty. It is priced at 150 bucks for around 1 gm of product which seems quite a lot but its ok with me. The color is a dark brown and is a great nude lipstick for my pigmented lips. The texture is good. Although it is not too creamy, it does fare well on dry lips. Moreover it stays on for quite some time as well, approximately four to five hours. The only downside is the obnoxious smell which can just drive you crazy. It has this weird rotting smell that I just hate.

Here are the swatches of the three lipsticks.

From Left: Blue Heaven Cherry Red, Coloressence Passionate Pink, Miss Claire Refill Lipstick
My recommendation: Spend some more bucks and get a good quality lipstick probably a Maybelline or Colorbar.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Why Should you Get Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Raspberry

Revlon Colorburst lipsticks are certainly not new. In fact beauty bloggers have raved about it so much that I am tempted to get each and every shade from this brand. The creamy, smooth texture along with that superb packaging is something that instantly appeals about these lipsticks. I already have Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Crimson which is a gorgeous, reddish brown shade. Recently on one of my weekend shopping sprees I noticed a discount on Revlon lip products and immediately grabbed the opportunity to get one more shade from this range. Raspberry is a truly gorgeous berry red shade that is sure to send a few hearts aflutter. Unlike Crimson it is a bit sheer and you get this lovely lustre finish look with it

The packaging is superb. The quilted packaging with the color ends makes it one of the best looking lipsticks in my collection. Check it oust Does it not make you just drool!!!

The top snaps shuts properly so that it is easy to carry around Revlon Colorburst lipsticks in a bag. The lipstick is creamy and extremely smooth. It applies almost as well as any high end lipstick would. Just fabulous!!! The best part is it does not feel as if you have applied something heavy on your lips. It hides lip pigmentation and although it does look like this scary red in the tube actually it is quite natural on the lips. It also stays on quite well for a good three to four hours leaving behind a slight natural tint once it fades. Check out the swatches…

Here is a FOTD featuring my pretty daughter..resting my cheek against hers is one of the most beautiful feelings for me.

Well, my only grouse with Revlon colorburst lipsticks is obviously the price. Revlon has recently increased the price of these lipsticks for 580 to 600 bucksL. Thankfully I got a twenty percent discount on it. Even with the high price tag I feel the lipsticks are one of the best drugstore lipsticks available in the market. Hopefully I have convinced you to get at least one of these lipsticks. My next pick is Rosy Nude which is understandably sold out in every counter because it is one of the best nudes I have seen

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