Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oriflame Beauty Triple Core Lipstick: Love Ruby

Oriflame recently released five new limited edition shades of the triple core lipsticks as a part of its valentine collection. These lippies feature a heart lip gloss in the centre and a new packaging. Now the deal is that if you spend some 500 bucks from the catalogue you get a fifty percent discount on these lipsticks which are priced at a whopping 449 bucks. So after spending a whole lot of money on oriflame stuff I went ahead and bought this lipstick as well in a shade known as Love Ruby (All the colors are love something.. geee how cheesy is that)

Packaging: The LE packaging looked quite good in the catalogue with the purple casing and all that love and graphics on top. Unfortunately when I held it in my hands the packaging especially the plastic looked cheap and flimsy (Aaargh..the problems of catalogue shopping!!!). I was really scared to use it forget about plopping it into my bag. I am not a great fan of the shape of these lippies as well. 

Texture and Pigmentation: The triple core lipstick is supposed to be a lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm all rolled into one. The outer portion is the lipstick, the middle a clear balm and the inner heart core is the gloss. I like the texture of the lipsticks, it is smooth and glides on well. The balm makes it moisturizing I guess and the gloss imparts a slight shine to your lips. The creaminess also means that these are not very long lasting.. two to three hours without leaving any tint. Once it gets wiped off there is a bit of dryness as well. It has a slight bubblegum fragrance which I am not a great fan of.

The pigmentation is very, very good. One swipe gives you the beautiful, glossy finish and it hides pigmentation amazingly well. The shade Love Ruby is a pinkish red which golden shimmer which is thankfully not visible on your lips. This is how it looks on my horribly pigmented and chapped lips.

What Do I Not Like

  • The horribly flimsy packaging
  • The staying power is really poor        
  • It is not easily available. Only through Oriflame reps. Moreover it’s a LE product
  • The original price is just too much for a mediocre product
It’s a moderately good lipstick. Just do not buy it for its original price. The price is just too much for the quality provided. There are much better options out there

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mac Hot Tahiti Lipstick

Two of my favorite beauty bloggers Rashmi from Indyabeauty and Samyukta from I Simply Love Makeup have made me crazy about red lipsticks. A few months back I would have never thought of buying a red lipstick but inspired by Rashmi’s Red lips week and Samyukta’s amazing red lipstick collection, I decided I just have to get myself a red lipstick.

Of course I knew Mac would have my perfect red since it has such amazing reds in its permanent collection including classics like Russian Red, Ruby Woo and Chili. So I started my search. The first time I swatched Russian Red I almost yelped (Richard the MUA at the store and my long suffering husband gave me very weird looks). It was so bright and “red”. I shook my head and swatched Ruby Woo (No..too drying) then Mac Chilli (Is it red???) and then probably every lipstick in the Mac store (including the pinks, purples, browns and every color) till not only mine but even Richard’s hands were full of lipstick swatches :P Finally Richard (tired as he looked) swatched Mac Glaze lipstick Hot Tahiti (Don’t you just love the name) on my hands and there and then I fell in love. Now I have never been a fan of Glaze or even Lustre finish but Hot Tahiti mamma mia is just smoking hot!!!

Mac describes this color as Soft Reddish Coral and although it looks dark in the tube, it is actually quite soft and pretty. The color on me is a pinkish, plum red (I just do not have a better way of describing the color) It looks different on different people. On me it looks more of a raspberry red while on my sister it looks like a pink brown. I really have never seen a color like this and can think of no dupes for this color at all. It just looks good on everyone universally. Like other Glaze lipsticks Hot Tahiti has shimmer and is sheer but you can build on the color for more opaque coverage. I have extremely pigmented lips and it completely covers all pigmentation and gives a beautiful glossy look. The formula unlike other Glaze lipsticks is creamy and is not at all drying.

One swipe

Several Swipes

The only drawback I could think of is that it lasts for around two to three hours so you need to keep reapplying it. Also it comes with a hefty Mac price tag. I don’t care however I love…love..love this lipstick. I use it all the time nowadays during morning or evening. It just looks great. If you too are scared of bold red lipsticks then try starting out with this one. You will love just love the moist naturally flushed red lips. FOTDs coming up later..I look just too scary these days after the illness :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Shivaratri

Happy Shivaratri to everyone. Celebrated on the fourteenth night of new moon, Shivaratri is a very important day for me as I am devout follower of Lord Shiva and observe the fast religiously for a day and half. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Haul Post!!! A little Mac, Faces and Revlon

I have been really, really ill these past few days. I had an eye infection, had low BP, my doctor declared I was sleep deprived and I nearly fainted in my kitchenL. I know how it sounds but I am actually looking at the bright side of things here. Since I was ill and all, my sweetest, dearest hubby decided I could shop for makeup J Yay..Yay..Yay. So I went ahead and got all these goodies for myself. I wanted to pick a lot more (I know I am being greedy but what the f@** we need to jump at these chances) but was really too weak to stand at the counters. So this is my small little haul.

Mac Lipstick: Any guesses???

Faces was running the sale. So got the blush at a flat 50% off and the cute nailpolish set at a 25% discount :)

I also got a Revlon Colorburst lipstick in shade Crimson. I got a Streetwear nail polish free with it

Btw my Valentine’s day was really nice..my hubby n me went to Dorabjee and had Drums of Heaven (chicken drumsticks) there. It is where we met for the first time and that is what we had back then. He also got me three huge cards and a red rose…soooooo sweet.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vov Eyeshadow Pallete 98 in 1

There are a lot of things which I just pick up on a whim. Well, being an impulsive buyer does that to you. If you are in Pune then you must have heard of a shop called Much More. Its actually not a branded store but the shoes, bags and other items are quite good and I shop a lot from them. When roaming around the shop, I spotted a huge eyeshadow palette. Now my lack of credit card means I cannot shop for those lovely palettes available abroad. So I just picked this up without swatching or even giving it a second glance.

Price: I am guessing it was for INR 550. I do not remember although I did see it on FashionandYou for around INR 750 recently.

Packaging: I am a sucker for cute or classy packaging and to tell you the truth I just loved the packaging so much that I picked this up. The white case with the small bubble clear tops is just adorable. The palette itself is huge with 98 eyeshadows and four “chotu” applicators and a small mirror. The colors in it are just mind blowing. From different shades of blues, greens, pinks and a whole lot of neutral colors, this eyeshadow palette has it all. It even has a blood red eyeshadow :P

Pigmentation and Texture: The texture is smooth and very soft. All the eyeshadows have golden shimmer which by the way is not very apparent when used on the lids. I use my groundwork paint pot as a base so the eyeshadows do stay on for a reasonable five to six hours which is pretty good considering what I paid for it.

The pigmentation varies. While some colors are just amazingly well pigmented others just do not show up and are very, very chalky. Here are some random swatches of the eyeshadows.

What Do I Not Like

  • Well, some eyeshadows are a real pain to use
  • It is not a problem actually but I just cannot use these huge pallets. I prefer small quads
  • NO matte eyeshadows L
  • Not easily available. I guess some local beauty shops might stock this. 
I cannot really advise you to get this palette but if you are just starting off and want to play with a lot of colors without emptying your bank account then this is a good bet. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mac Glitter and Ice comes to Pune!!!!

The Mac glitter and Ice holiday collection is in stores right now. This is a huge collection featuring a lot of stuff including some beautiful mineralize eyeshadows, paint pots and some beautiful Dazzeglass ( Me lusting for Love Alert). Along with this is the amazing ice parade collection which has eyeshadow palletes, bags, kits and other exclusives. I love the ice parade collection. The pretty snowglobe eyeshadows with the glittery globe on top and the lips and eye bags are a treat for makeup lovers or should I say "Macup" lovers. The kits and bags along with other items are in store in Pune..So rush all you makeup lovers :)

A Feast for Your Eyes! My New Mac Haul

There are days when you can go completely overboard and fortunately for me (and unfortunately my bank balance) today was one of those days ...