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Mac Glitter and Ice comes to Pune!!!!

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The Mac glitter and Ice holiday collection is in stores right now. This is a huge collection featuring a lot of stuff including some beautiful mineralize eyeshadows, paint pots and some beautiful Dazzeglass ( Me lusting for Love Alert). Along with this is the amazing ice parade collection which has eyeshadow palletes, bags, kits and other exclusives. I love the ice parade collection. The pretty snowglobe eyeshadows with the glittery globe on top and the lips and eye bags are a treat for makeup lovers or should I say "Macup" lovers. The kits and bags along with other items are in store in Pune..So rush all you makeup lovers :)

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  1. I just got the Morning Frost paint pot from this collection and its gorgeous..do try it out!

    1. Yup saw the paint pot..it luks so pretty all shimmery and beautiful..makes for a great base for eyeshadows

  2. I love this collection <3 <3 But I already have something like this :) Hope it is there in my town :(

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