Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why Am I in Love with Mac Captive

I am a true Macoholic (a term used to describe crazy Mac fans). I am crazy about their eyeshadows and blushes but what attracts me almost every week to the Mac counter is their amazing collection of lipsticks. I don’t review them much because I simply don’t know what to write about them. They are simply the best. The texture, the amazing colors and the range is simply fantastic. One lippi which is a favorite forever is the Mac Captive. Mac describes this lipstick as “pinkish plum” which I must say is a very good description of this lovely berry colored lipstick. The satin finish by Mac is one of my favorites because it means you get excellent pigmentation and longer lasting color on your lips.

Mac Captive is definitely a bright shade and one which is best suited for the fall and winters. It looks really bright on fairer people however, on my dark pigmented lips, this shade appears as a light pinkish plum with the pink being more dominant which I believe is really a good thing as most dark berry colored lipsticks can make you look quite old. It is my favorite lipstick that I can pair easily with bright eye makeup as well as with neutral looks. It brightens up the face and makes you look quite fresh. Here are the swatches and FOTD with Mac Captive.

The pigmentation is amazing. One swipe gives you bright vibrant color. There is no dryness or flaking on my lips. The lipstick is creamy and glides effortlessly on the lips. The color stays for around four to five hours on my lips and it leaves behind a natural pink tint on the lips which I completely adore. In short this is one of the must have Mac berry lipsticks in your collection. Do check it out in store. I am sure you will fall head over heels in love with this lovely lipstick

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