Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mac Face and Body Foundation: N7

Finally it wait for the perfect foundation. As a makeup lover you would know the trials and tribulations of searching for the best foundation. Some are too dark, others leave a whitish cast and there are some that makes your face look like a jaundiced patient. I had heard great reviews of the Mac foundation and was extremely eager to try it so when it finally launched in Pune I grabbed one of these. Having tested this sheer, lightweight foundation for over a month now I can now safely say that it is the best things to have ever landed in my vanity.

Price: It costs around 1700 bucks for a 50 ml bottle. The bigger 120 ml bottles are available in Pro stores around the world. Its packaged in a chhotu bottle with a squeezy top.

Texture: The first thing that you notice about this foundation is the runny, watery texture. Now I usually stick to my tinted moisturizers or light water based foundations and hate anything which gives that plastic, cakey look but when I saw the texture of the foundation, I was a tad skeptical whether it would provide any coverage or not. Thankfully all my doubts were put to rest when I saw my face. The first layer of the foundation gives a sheer dewy look. It might look oily in the first go but once it sinks into your skin it gives a nice dewy finish. If you have extremely oily skin you would have to powder your face. I have a combination skin so I usually just powder my T zone only. Once you layer on the foundation a second time you notice the increase in coverage and by the third layer this seemingly sheer foundation gives full coverage with no cakiness!!!! The MUA at the Mac store recommended warming up the foundation between the fingers and applying it on the parts that need more coverage.

 The best part about it of course is that it stays on the whole day till the time I remove the foundation. You do not feel the heaviness on your face and the glow lasts forever and thankfully it does not oxidize on face. I apply it with the fingers or with a stippling brush and with both I get a nice finish. I haven’t tested it but apparently it is water resistant

Shade Selection: Mac Face and Body Foundation is available in 13 shades which is amazing compared to the limited shade selection of all drugstore brands. I got the shade N7 in this foundation. I dunno how the shade thing works but the other dark shades like C6 looked quite yellowy on me. N I guess stands for neutral here and matches me perfectly. This is how my face looks before and after using the foundation. (watch out for the before makeup ugly photos)

This is a great foundation and is perfect for me…I love it love it love it…Please do try it

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Addicted to Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Butter!!!

The Body Shop stores are so addictive. I almost imagine myself magically floating to the store with the colorful tubs of body butters, creams and gels each time I pass it. I can browse and look at the products for hours if only I did not have an irritated husband and a squealing baby while doing so. Recently I came across the Sweet Lemon body butter and boy oh boy I wonder how I missed it for so long. The citrusy, summery fragrance hits you hard when you open the huge tub and when you apply it on your body, it is just so so good.

Price and Packaging: It is priced at INR 775 for 200ml which is really a lot of product. It lasts me for months and sometimes I really wish they had smaller tubs. I got this when it was on a 50 percent discount J. It is packaged in a huge bright lemon yellow tub and you need to dig into the tub to get the soft yellowish creamy body butter. Its kind off unhygienic but its ok with me as I am now used to it.

Texture: Now I am not new to body butters from Body Shop. I had the Cocoa Body butter which is so thick and heavy that I had to wipe it off after some time. I also did not like the Shea body butter for its fragrance. The Sweet Lemon Body Butter on the other hand is meant for dry to normal skin. It absorbs faster than the other body butters I have used from this brand and leaves the skin soft and supple. This is a boon for me in winters as my skin is all dry and parched. This body butter works like magic on the dryness and keeps my skin so soft. It does not linger on the skin or leave any oily residue. It just keeps it nice and soft. Check out how it makes my dry and parched hands look all shiny and soft.

Dry and Parched winter skin 

After using Body butter

 The smell is just amazing, like freshly squeezed lemons. If you like citrusy, floral smell than you would love this body butter. I apply it at night before going to bed and wake up with the mild smell of the body butter. It is really refreshing for me and am totally addicted to it

Friday, January 4, 2013

Lakme Fast and Fabulous One stroke Nail Color Storm Green

I am having one of those dull days and nothing not even chocolates can cheer me up. So being the makeup fanatic that I am I just started browsing through my makeup closet (Makeup makes me so happy :)) and chanced upon this fabulous nail paint from Lakme. Now for everyone who knows me or at least has read my blog knows that I am not a fan (Thats a nice way of saying "hates") of our very own Indian Lakme. However their recent nail paint launch (well its not recent anymore), the Fast and Fabulous range is really really good. The colors and the quick drying part is just so nice and many beauty bloggers are in love with the nail paints.

I picked a beautiful green color from this range called Storm Green a long time ago from my hometown Cuttack where the only counters I can find is Revlon, Streetwear and Lakme. So anyways when you do not have many choices you do tend to pick up anything. In this case I am thanking my stars that I did pick this up. Its a gorgeous fun shades that instantly brightens my mood. It was launched for 175 bucks and later prices were increased to INR 199

Moreover I like the packaging with the square cap and the long brush. The only thing is holding the cap and applying the nail paint is somewhat tricky. However, you can easily miss the drawback when you have such a nice color. It dries very quickly too. Lame says it sets in 40 seconds and I can vouch for the fact, it does do that. Here is how one coat of the nail polish looks on my nails. I so want to add a layer of glitter nail polish on top but I just do not have one right now :P

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!!!!

Hope this New Year hails in happy times for everyone. Hope this new year there are lesser crimes against women, hope this new year we wake up and realize our responsibility to not only society but also to ourselves. May we never turn a blind eye towards the suffering of women be it on the road, on a bus or even in our own homes. Stay safe and enjoy the year

A Feast for Your Eyes! My New Mac Haul

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