Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blue Heaven Xpression Nail Lustre 972

I am in Cuttack at my parent’s house and I have to tell you this place is just burning hot. Most of the day, I am sweating like a pig even when sitting under a fan. Not to forget the horrible power cuts that happen any time of day. Well, enough of my complaining. I recently got myself a nail polish from Blue Heaven because I had forgotten to carry any nail paints on the trip. For people who don’t know much about it, Blue Heaven is a local brand that produces cosmetics at really affordable prices. Most small towns and even shops in villages seem to have nail polishes, lipsticks and liners of this brand. Cosmetics available in small cities and towns is very limited, mostly Lakme and Revlon. I don’t think people have even heard of Maybelline, forget about Mac or Chanel. Anyways I asked the shopkeeper to show me nail paints and he opened three boxes which all had shades of pink and red nail paints. I asked him if he any colored nail polishes and he looked at me dumfounded and said “Itne saare colors hai  na”. Well, no comments but among that medley of red and pink nail paints I found a silver nail polish and picked it up. Now I don’t really like silver nail paints but I think it is a good base for crackle nail paints and nail art.

The nail polish is a silvery and very shimmery. The shimmer is not gritty and it applies smoothly on the nails, thanks to the pretty good brush. I have to say I am very impressed with the staying power of this nail polish. It has been four days since I applied it and it has not chipped or faded. It is priced at INR 30 which is pretty good. Here are the swatches…please forgive the really sad nail art..I am no expert at these things.

My recommendation: You can get it if you find nothing else J


  1. Nice nail paint Parul.. I have never seen them in Chennai.. But I have a faint memory of seeing their Kajals sometime in a local shop...

    Love the flower on your nails though..

    Do check my blog at and support if you like!!!

    1. Heee..hee thanx sweetie...I am useless at nail art..I haven't seen it in Pune as well..maybe some local shops might have it...but then we can find so many dupes of this

  2. it looks lovely parul....

  3. Nice nail art. followed you :)

  4. I have used it, its available in Kolkata also :)

  5. Replies
    1. Hee..hee..thanx Sophia...I am just a novice

  6. Can't imagine life without Maybelline, MAC and such.

    Your nail art is gorgeous. Great way to spend time at the shop.

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  7. hey you hava a beautiful blog... love it....even I have a blog.. hope to see you there...can we follow each other...follow me so that I can also follow you.


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