Friday, November 25, 2011

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eye Pencil

I love eye pencils especially  because I am constantly on the run even when doing makeup. (Believe me with a wailing one year old and an impatient husband there is nothing you can do). Anyways all I need to do is apply the eye pencil, smudge it with a brush and am ready to go. Recently I wanted a bright blue eye pencil as I am suddenly going through this blue crazy phase. (I am buying everything blue from clothes, makeup and even shoes..hi..hi) So I went ahead and did my homework and zeroed in on three blue eye pencils, Faces Turquoise Blue, Colorbar Flirty Turq and Bourjois Contour Clubbing eye pencil.

As usual the Colorbar counter did not have the shade. (Colorbar needs to resolve their stocking issues). So I was faced with two other choices. While I loved the Faces Eye Pencil too, it was the Bourjois one that had me falling head over heels in love with it. I got the shade Blue Remix # 45. It’s a bright blue green shade. Other shades included in this range are black, golden grey and a neon blue color. The names are complicated so I am just skipping that.

Color: The color is beautiful, blue green with hints of sparkle. I love sparkly things and so have no problem applying it during the day also. This is however the perfect liner for night outs and parties.

Pigmentation and Staying Power: Amazing pigmentation. In fact one of the best I have seen in this range. No tugging, no pulling your lids. The creamy textured pencil just glides on the lids with ease. And it stays on for six to eight hours without fading, smudging or disappearing from the inner corners yay yay yay. In fact it looked exactly the same even after six hours of shopping out in the sun. You can also use it as an eyeshadow base or smudge it for a smoky look.

With Flash: Stupid camera just did not get the lovely color

It claims to be ophthalmologically tested so I tried it on my waterline and it worked well. No stinging or blood shot eyes. Unfortunately it does tend to disappear from the waterline after a few hours but I guess all eye pencils have the same effect.

Price: It is decently priced at Rs. 335. About the same range as Colorbar and a little expensive than Faces which is priced at around Rs 250.

What Do I Not Like

  • I do not have a problem but some girls may find it a bit sparkly especially during the day
  • It is slightly expensive compared to the Faces liners which are equally great and awesome value for money.
  • Getting hold of Bourjois products might be an issue for some. Unfortunately online shopping sites do not have Bourjois products.
  • You need to have an eye makeup remover to get it off completely.
I do not know about the other shades but this is a good eye liner and I would definitely recommend it.


  1. I have this one in black. It did sting a wee bit.. :( but i love it.. This is one fantastic eyeliner!

  2. Hey Parul,,this one looks really nice,,havent tried them till now,


  3. @ Deepika:Oh..I havent tried the black one..will check tat out too

    @ Namita: is amazing do try them..


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