Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Faces Eye Shadow Quad: Go Chic

Faces cosmetics has become quite popular in recent months, thanks to the lovely eye pencils and the amazing sparkle dust pigments. I love this brand especially the eye pencil in Forest Green which I believe is a must have shade for everyone. The prices are reasonable and the quality is excellent. Much better than Lakme with their ever increasing prices. I recently went to their store in Inorbit Mall in Pune to buy the Forest green eye pencil as a gift for my sister (I have gifted nearly ten Faces eye pencils. Everyone seems to love them so much). So while browsing through the cosmetics I found that Faces has released new eyeshadow quads and duos. I of course swatched them all. The SA there was more than eager to show me everything and kept insisting that this was a limited period collection or something. After a lot of swatching and deliberation(I liked almost all but could pick just one..budget constraints L)  I finally opted for this Eyeshadow quad in Go Chic #2.

Price: This quad is priced at INR 249 for around 7g of product which includes four eye shadows. I find it pretty reasonable considering the quality and the quantity of product provided.

Packaging: The eyeshadows are encased in a black casing with a see through cover with the Faces logo on top. I thought the packaging is average. I have a hard time opening the cover. It is really very irritating. Inside you have a small applicator which is quite okay.

Product Claim:
Light and easy to blend, long lasting formula with Vitamin E which help nourish eyelids

Texture and Pigmentation: The texture of these eyeshadows is amazing unlike other cheap eyeshadows in the market. Like their other quads the texture of these eyeshadows is smooth and buttery soft. They glide on like a dream and you can easily blend them.

The pigmentation is amazing of this eyeshadow quad. In fact it is even better than some high priced drugstore brands in the market. It has four colors, a white highlighter, a blue shade, a gorgeous green color and a matte black which I am really happy to have. Just one swipe is enough to get rich vibrant color. The only problem is with the black color which needs two to three swipes for a rich, vibrant color. Check out the swatches.

Swatched Once: Without Primer :)
What Do I Not Like

  • The stupid flimsy packaging. Such a nice product and stupid packaging.
  • The color selection of the other quads in this range is not very great. I think I picked up the best one.
  • I haven’t seen this online. The duos are available though
If you are looking for a cheap drugstore eyeshadow quad then this is definitely worth it. I recommend this and would surely buy it again. Hmm..I hope this time I buy it not as a gift for others but for myself J.


  1. I loved the green shade in it,,very pretty :)

  2. Yes the shades are quite pretty and last long too even without a primer:)

  3. i've heard a lot abt this quad Parul.it looks amazingly pigmented. :)

  4. This looks nice..which other shades were available in these ?

  5. I think I saw one with shades of purple and one with pinks. Was in such as tearing hurry that picked this one randomly but the others were nicely pigmented as well although the shade selection was a bit limit


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