Thursday, December 15, 2011

Colorbar Blush in Plum Brown

Despite all the hype about “videshi” makeup stuff in the market, I think there are some great Indian brands as well which deserve the love and attention of every makeup lover J. Notable among these are Colorbar, Lakme and Lotus. Colorbar especially is a favorite with amazing products at decent prices. I especially adore the velvet matte lipsticks and recently the crackle nail polish. I bought Colorbar blush in Plum Brown a couple of months back from an online shopping store and it is an absolute favorite. I use it all the time. In fact the days I use my other blushes my husband politely comments that something is amiss.

The price of this blush is around INR 300 for 6gm of product which is a lot. The price was recently increased from INR 250 to 300. The blush is housed in the top compartment. The bottom compartment contains a small brush and an attached mirror. The blush brush looks pretty okayish but I can never apply blushes with these type of brushes. My Vega blush brush works just fine.

Texture and Pigmentation 
The texture of this blush is soft and application is very easy and smooth. No problems with dry skin or allergies. The blush is a beautiful medium brown shade with a matt finish.

The pigmentation is quite good. Of course you cannot compare these blushes to Nyx or Mac blushes but for the price I find the quality quite nice. I need three to four swipes for the color to show. However you do get a nice natural glow rather than a clownish appearance. It stays on for an average two hours after which the color starts fading.

Swiped 7 to 8 times
What Do I Not Like 

·        The staying power is a definite con. You can extend the stay by applying a cream blush underneath.
·        The brush is really not very useful unless you are a pro at applying blushes.
·        If you like shimmery blushes then this is not for you

Do get this, you will definitely not regret it. As for me I am probably going to buy this shade for the rest of my life.


  1. I have this one and love it..very pretty plum brown shade :)
    nice review hun :)

  2. @Namita: Thanx dear, I love it too my HG blush

    @Vanity:Its such a great blush good for dusky skinned gals

  3. I've got Lakme blush and pretty much happy with it. This color looks a bit dark for me!!!
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  4. No dear , its not dark at all. In fact I had to swatch it several times for the color to show. Blended out it looks pretty natural :)

  5. i to luv this shade...can be worn anywhere na? i wonder y they increased the price tho..makes no sense..

  6. Don't know yaar!! All their products have become so expensive...I wanted the crackle nail paint but tat too is like dead expensive...:(

  7. Looks lovely on swatch Parul. :) will chk this out for sure ;)

  8. Me want this one :( Im def going to order this one online since colorbar blushes are not available in chennai :( sniff.. :'(

  9. Availability is a big issue with colorbar products. Online shopping is good and you can always get good discounts on sites like stylecraze

  10. I have this... and love it, but I love the peachy one a bit more :P

  11. ColorBar products are great. They are cheap too. I love their nail paints


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  13. Will it work for nc 45 sotta skin tones? As a red toned bronzer or something?


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