Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maybelline Colorsensational Moisture Extreme Lipsticks: Dusky Mauve, Buff and Brownie

With so many reviews of eye makeup products, I think it is time I shifted the focus to lipsticks and blushes as well. After all this is a blog about lipsticks and blushes. I am hard core Maybelline fan. With Lakme hiking the prices and the quality going downhill and Colorbar stuff not being available easily; I shifted all my focus and love to brands like Maybelline and Faces. I love Maybelline lipsticks especially the Moisture extreme ones. Smooth, creamy and available in a range of shades, these lipsticks have become a favorite among makeup lovers. I have three shades of these amazing lipsticks, dusky mauve, brownie and buff.

Dusky Mauve
I love this lipstick and you can spot it on me almost all the time. I don’t know why I never picked these types of lipstick shades before. This is a beautiful mauve brown shade with a hint of pink as well J. It even has a nice shine to it. It is perfect color for me and different from the usual browns and nudes that I pick. Moreover I can usually wear it any time of day and it looks equally gorgeous.

Swatch of Dusky Mauve: One Swipe
This is a perfect coral pink. It is supposed to be a nude color but it is actually quite dark to be a nude color. It looks gorgeous on the lips. Since I am dark, it looks a bit neonish on me but I just love the color so much that I don’t mind.

Swatch of Buff: One Swipe
This is the only moisture extreme lipstick that I rarely use. It is a dark brown with a hint of shine. I really don’t know why I got this lipstick. I usually use a light shiny pink Maybelline watershine lipgloss to tone down the color else I end up looking like a vampire.

Swatch of Brownie: One swipe

Price: A mere INR 220 bucks for these great lipsticks are certainly worth it. You can find discounts on these lipsticks on online cosmetic stores. Check Blab specials for some great deals.

Texture and Pigmentation: Super smooth and creamy, this luxuriously smooth lipstick glides on like a dream on the lips. Moreover there is no shimmer or chunky things sticking to the lips just a slight shine which makes your lips look beautiful. Moreover it does not feel heavy and sticky on lips which is such a boon

The pigmentation is superb. The lipsticks provide nice color in just one swipe which is pretty amazing. The only problem is since they are so creamy the staying power is much less than other lipsticks in this range like the Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks.

What Do I Not Like

·        The staying power is really bad. One meal and there is no trace of this lipstick on the lipsL
·        The creamy texture means more smudging..so keep a tissue handy.
·        Some people have complained about a fungus problem but I did not find any such thing on my lipsticks

I love Maybelline moisture extreme lipsticks. These are certainly worth the price and all the hype.


  1. liked buff and the mauve one a lot. :) i can totally identify with the vampire thing :P dark shades have a similar effect on me as well :P

  2. I liked buff,,very pretty shade Parul :)
    which one is ur fav among all :)

  3. they luk amazing...my friend bought similar shade to the first one frm NYX(pandora)!!!

  4. @Namita: My fave is dusky mauve..I love that shade

    @Pavani: Oh..I really should check the Nyx one..Thanx

  5. oh just love the buff shade....its so girly....i mean its so me.......<3

    come visit my blog

  6. I love buff..its a perfect coral pink and a must have I believe

  7. Liked buff the most.... nice collection :)
    I have only one maybelline in My Mahogany and I totally adore it :P

  8. Liked the buff shade :) It does luk too bright to b nude :|

  9. Yes its a great shade..I love it too:D

  10. Even I have 3-4 moisture extremes..the only problem is the staying power :(

  11. Yes..I know... wish the staying power was more..I love the creaminess and the range of colors

  12. Buff is certainly pretty very close to the favorite Bronze orange from this range

  13. Paro, you have an award on my blog http://addictedtonailpaints.blogspot.in/


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