Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bourjois Intense Extrait Eyeshadow No. 09

I am obsessed with lipsticks and blushes which is well, quite evident by my blog title. Recently however I have become quite an eyeshadow freak as well. This is all thanks to people or might I say experts like Rashmi, Anamika and Ankita. While I love eyeshadow palettes, I find the texture and pigmentation slightly lacking as compared to singles. However palettes are great for beginners like me who do not have expertise in eyeshadow blending and co-ordination. Anyways recently I came across the new Bourjois intense extrait eyeshadow singles. I never like Bourjois eyeshadows much. The previous round pot eyeshadows and the smoky eyes trio, I felt lacked pigmentation and were not very great to work with. However my opinion of the Bourjois eyeshadows changed once I got hold of this beauty.

Bourjois intense eyeshadow 09 is a dark matte brown almost black eyeshadow. The price of this product is INR 410 for 1g of product which is slightly less than the previous round pots which was around 1.5g for the around INR 500. I bought this from for around INR 369 J

Product Claim

Bourjois invents the colour shot eyeshadow and combines its historical expertise with modern technology to offer women pure color: intense, high coverage and ultra long lasting

Selected and highly concentrated pigments blend into a very silky, very easy to apply powder, for a perfect result in one stroke. To use as a liner, apply with slightly wet brush.


The new intense extrait eyeshadows have a similar packaging as the old round eyeshadow pots. The only difference is the size and locking system. I love the magnetic locking system of these eyeshadows and the mirror which is super handy. The new intense eyeshadows also do not have an applicator which is well, quite a relief. I just don’t understand what we had to do with those stupid small applicators that Bourjois used to provide with the old eyeshadow pots (I ended up losing all the applicators with the old eyeshadow pots)

Texture and Pigmentation

The texture of this single eyeshadow is extremely smooth and powdery. In fact you have to be extra careful that you do not waste a lot of product. I used a small practically useless eyeshadow brush to apply the eyeshadow because every time I used a sponge applicator there was a lot of product wastage. Blending is super easy when you use a primer underneath. I use Groundwork paint pot as an eyeshadow base and the color look super beautiful with it. Moreover the eyeshadow stays on for a long..long time. I was out in the heat for more than four to five hours, sweating like anything but when I came back home, my eyeshadow was still intact. I haven’t tested it without a primer but I am sure it lasts quite long without primer as well.

Swatched once without primer
The pigmentation is awesome. I was quite surprised and elated. The color can be combined with other lighter brown shades or used all over for a smoky. I personally love the color. Although I was yearning for the matte black shade in this range, I can easily settle for this one as it is easier to do smoky eyes with this eyeshadow. Moreover you can also use it wet as a liner J

What Do I Not Like

Nothing. This eyeshadow is perfect. Moreover now that they are available online just about anyone can get access to these wonderful eyeshadows. Here is me with my little bundle of joy and masti.

I recommend this eyeshadow for all you makeup lovers. It is truly amazing. I am going to surely get other shades from this range especially the blue one.


  1. Great review ! i liked it on your lids! which blush you have applied on cheeks, looks very nice ! your baby is veryyy cute !

  2. I have applied Colorbar blush Plum Brown. I love that Blush. Use it all the time nowaays. Thnks a lot manya:)

  3. hey Parul nice review.And i like these kind of browns a lot. :) u n ur baby both r adorable :)

  4. Thanks jyoti..these browns should be a staple in every makeup lover's cupboard..

  5. awwww yur baby is chooo chweeet :) loved the eyeshadow shade too :)

  6. ya she is like a total this pic she is angry coz she was all ready to go out n stupid mummy papa doping photo sessions..hee..hee

  7. Hi Parul,

    Glad to have found the Cute little Pot on your site. Didn't know you were a blogger when you bought this one :-)

  8. Hi Chetna..I love these cuties a lot. I love ur site and would be shopping a lot in future too..:)

  9. Glad to hear that. Eager to greet you soon.

  10. I have this in another shade...liked it so much that im gonna get a couple more...good thing stylecraze is running a discount on them :)

  11. lovely brown Parul :)
    you n ur princess both r looking so adorable :)

  12. @Swati: Which shade do you have? Me love all of them especially the blue n the matt black one

    @Namita: Thanx dear

  13. This is such a nice shade..n u both looking super cute !!

  14. Hi Parul, nice blog :)

    and your bundle of joy is so cute!!!


  15. Thanx Anusha for your sweet coments...

  16. this eyeshadows are so pigmented na?


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