Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bourjois Paris Smoky Eyes Trio - Rose Vintage

Bourjois products have become quite popular in the recent years thanks to the great quality products at a fairly reasonable price. My love affair with Bourjois products actually started with these smoky eyes trios. One look at the eyeshadow trios at the counters and I decided I was in love. The cute packaging coupled with the fairly good pigmentation makes these trios a winner. I am reviewing my favorite out of the eight Bourjois smoky eyes trio. Known as Rose Vintage, this set of trio contains shades of pink, the type which you must have seen most women in the crappy serials wearing. I don’t know how it can create a smoky look but the shades in this trio are great for a neutral day time look.

Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio Rose Vintage

Bourjois Says

"Manufactured with the same process which has made our Little Round Pots famous since 1863, these eyeshadows possess the same qualities of flexibility and softness: an ultra fine, silky, micronised formula for an amazing blend, lasting 8 hours.

The ergonomic, double-tipped applicator has been specially designed to outline your eyes according to your wishes.
And what’s more, its formula respects the delicate eye area :
- Enriched with mineral powders
- Free of fragrance
- Dermatologically tested"

Price and Packaging

The smoky eyes trio are prices at INR 625 for around 4.5g. The packaging is super, super cute. In fact it was the cute packaging that made me go over and check out the shades in the first place. The small round plastic casing is compact and easy to carry around. The see through cap makes it easy to see the round mounds of eyeshadows which contains one highlighter shade and two eyeshadows. The package also contains a dual tipped practically useless sponge applicator. On the opposite side listed are the ingredients and instructions on how to create a smoky eye makeup.

The dirty dual ended applicator: Its the only thing that picks up color from this quad

Texture and Pigmentation
Like its famous blushes, Bourjois eyeshadows too are made by baking. The texture is satiny smooth and it is easy to blend these eyeshadows. No chalkiness, and absolutely no fallout. The eyeshadows can be used dry as well as wet. I love the rose color of the eyeshadow especially the darkest shade.

The pigmentation is the only thing that might put you off but if you are a newbie then this eyeshadow works quite well. The pigmentation is not outstanding but it is buildable. To pick up the color you need to use the sponge tipped applicator provided in the package.  Used dry the eyeshadow has less pigmentation as opposed to when it is used wet. Other eyeshadow applicators do not pick up the color well. The color lasts fairly well. With an eyeshadow base it lasts for around six to seven hours which is fairly good. Here are some swatches. I tried my best to capture the beautiful colors but the camera just did not pick it up :(

Things I Do Not Like
  • It is a bit pricey but I feel the quality justifies the price
  • Pigmentation is less as compared to other eyeshadows. 

There are many great shades in this range to choose from. Apart from this trio I also liked the blue colored trio known as bleu jeans and the black trio. 


  1. The colors look pretty but thumbs down for the pigmentation! Parul.. Do an EOTD with this na.. :)

  2. The pigmentation is not very bad..When used wet and with a base the pigmentation is actually good..Will try to do an EOTD dear..but am just too bad at clicking my own pics :D

  3. This looks nice and has my two favourite words, rose and vintage too:P
    and I agree with Deepika!!

  4. I love this trio Parul :)
    the colors are very pretty :)

    using it with a primer works best :)

  5. bourjois is everywhere these days.sadly i dont own a single thing frm them.Need to chk these out ASAP. ;) Do an EOTD Paryl...public demand pe ye to banta hi hai :D

  6. @ Namita: The colors are lovely and with a primer it works very well.

    @Jyoti: Oh..do check Bourjois products they r great especially the eye pencils, the intense eyeshadoes and the foundation..Will try the EOTD dear..very soon :))

  7. def the package luks cute

  8. I want to try their smokey trios specially the coffee color trio! thats awesome! nice review!

  9. @allaboutladies: The packaging is what hooked me to these trios..I am a sucker for cute or classy packaging :D

    @Manya: The coffee color one is actually very good and more pigmented than this one..try it for sure..u'l love it..

  10. This is my fav shade.. Pretty Colors..

  11. Yes the colors are super pretty..great for an everyday look

  12. even i have this trio but it dosent show up very well:( btw nice review!!!!

  13. You review like an expert!


  14. @makeup chic: I know its not the most pigmented eyeshadow trio..Thanx dear

    @spellbinder: Thanx darling..I try my best


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