Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Teeny Tiny Stylecraze Haul

I love shopping and since I stay at home all day I have ample amount of time to browse through the amazing number of online cosmetic stores (Between changing diapers and feeding a fussy one year old). Most of these online sites are quite nice and I personally love shopping from Urbantouch, Blab and Cosmetix.

A recent entrant in the field, Stylecraze has become quite popular in a couple of months, thanks to the amazing array of brands that they have including Bourjois, Chambor and Maxfactor which are not available on other shopping sites. Moreover the site offers some great discounts on all products including Revlon and Faces (Sigh..they have a discount on the Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses as well). The best thing about this site is that they keep updating and adding to their stock. I ordered for the Bourjois Intense Extrait Eyeshadow 09 and a Faces eyeliner. The day I placed my order they had only two shades of the Bourjois Eyeshadow. However after a day or two they have all the shades in stock and the best part is that they have a great discount on it. Here are some goodies I hauled..Yay!!!

Bourjois Paris Intense Extrait Eyeshadow 09

Actual Price: Rs 410
Stylecraze price: Rs 369 J

Faces Eyeliner Purple

Actual Price: Rs 250
Stylecraze Price: Rs.212

My Free Goodie: Konad Nail Art Stuff

I do not use it so will gift it to my friend. The price of this is around Rs 250.

I Like
  • The fact that they ship the order really fast. I placed the order on Monday and got the stuff by Thursday
  • They have a seven day return policy
  • They have COD and free shipping over INR250
  • They stock some hard to get brands like Bourjois and Chambor and even offer good discounts on them
  • They offer a free goodie J

What Do I Not Like
  • They ship via Aramex and those courier guys are really irritating and unprofessional. Most of my online stuff shipped via Aramex does not get delivered at all. Thank God this one came safe and sound. This is however a problem here and may not be applicable everywhere.
  • The packaging could be a bit better. (I guess we are just spoilt by those Urban Touch black dabbas)
For people in smaller towns and cities with no access to Boujois, Maxfactor and Chambor this site is definitely a boon. Have you shopped from Stylecraze? Tell me about your experience

This review has been written based on my experience from shopping on this site. I am in no way affiliated to the site or influenced in any way.


  1. hey that bourjois e/s are some of the great quality. which color did u get?

  2. Soon soon...:) its a deep charcoal brown..its coming soon

  3. Just chanced upon your blog today. And for long, i was wondering why no online site gave discount on Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses. Thanks to your post, now I can pick it up from StyleCraze :)

  4. Hi Meera

    Yes I had a similar problem with other sites not offering discounts on Revlon products.Anyways happy shopping and I love those Revlon lipglosses. so yummylicious:)

  5. Lovely little haul,I love Faces eyeliners, they are some of the best ever.Please post swatches of Bourjois Eyeshadow, waiting for it with baited breath :D

  6. Nice haul dear ! I am have ordered for bourjois eye shadow 6, 8, 9, 10, see i am so besharam! :p

  7. Oh no dear..In fact ur quite smart:))

  8. nice haul Parul :) I love Faces eye liners :) they stay on for sooo long na? :) do swatch this Faces pencil for us pakka se :)

  9. Hi to love all Faces products especially the liners..Swatches coming soon :D

  10. You know during my stylecraze purchase -the aramex courier returned my shipment without delivering me!!! But the stylecraze people had re-sent me my package without charging me any extra amount :) :)


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