Monday, October 29, 2012

My October Vellvette Box

I am disappointed.. really really truly disappointed. In fact I did not really want to put up this post but did so at the last moment. Now I know how many people love their Vellvette boxes but for me it really didn’t work for me. For people who have no idea about this, Vellvette box is a beuty box that contains grooming and beauty samples from some good brands including Clarins, Lush, OPI and Chanel. This concept is really popular out of India but most of these “boxes” including Blisscovered and others failed in India. I had never really ordered for any of these boxes simply because I was really skeptical about the products they were going to include but with good reviews of the first edition of the Vellvette box I decided to give it a try.

I had to fill up my preferences in a form which is all well and good but I think they really did not understand what I wanted or just did not bother. Well, I subscribed pretty early and received the box last week. The packaging is kind of cool with those black boxes and pink ribbon and the light pink packaging for that feminine touch. Inside you can find the three products along with discount coupons and notes saying why the product was sent to you and how to use it.  This is what my October month Vellvette box contains

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules Intensive Treatment (Whew..what a long name)

Small golden capsules containing an oily product that is supposed to zip away your dark, spots and early traces of wrinkles. Since I have no traces of early wrinkles at 27 years of age I am hoping the five teeny weeny capsules help me with the dark pigmented spots on my face. The full size pack costs a whopping 3900 bucks and with Vellvette box you get a 500 bucks discount. I doubt if I will ever use it but lets wait and watch.

Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance Hydrating Body Lotion

I cannot stand the smell of this one, it is really, really strong so even if it is really good I doubt if I will ever use it. Full size pack costs 810 bucks and you get a 75 bucks voucher in the box.

OPI Nail Varnish Strawberry Margarita

I love cosmetics but I never ever buy expensive nail polishes. Somehow my mind has not evolved beyond that hostel girl mentality of buying “15 bucks ka nail polish”. I know a lot of nail polish lovers will probably hate me but I do not like the inclusion of a nail polish in my box. The color is a nice bright pink and screams summer. You can get a OPI nail polish for 520 bucks or order for four small bottles of OPI nail polish at INR 1080. There is a gift voucher of INR 75 with this.

Clinique High Impact Mascara Black

I was one of the first 100 subscribers of the box so they included a fourth product which is the Clinique high impact mascara. Many of the September subscribers must have got this. I hardly ever use mascaras and buy one when the other preferably my Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara expires or gets over. So again I dunno what to do with this. The full size mascara costs INR 1350. There is a gift voucher of 150 bucks with it.

I was really expecting some better makeup products preferably the eyeshadow and blush face kit or a skin care product like the Lush sugar scrub or even a perfume sample I had seen other subscribers get. Thank God the box only costs INR 400 and I did not spend any more on things I will never use. I am probably never going to subscribe again but I hope this box continues as it’s a great way of getting trial sized products in India. It is actually quite affordable and has some makeup goodies unlike other beauty boxes launched earlier.


  1. The Nail paint shade looks good, ive never tried vellvette box. Hopefully soon..
    The Products are a bit on the expensive side tho..
    xoxo <3

    1. Its a good way to try expensive products and make sure that what you are investing in is worth it..the only problem for me is that I hardly use any of these products

  2. Just when everyone's getting a mascara, I forgot to order my box :(

    1. Oh don't worry dear u can order next month and get some nice goodies as well..maybe they will even include a mascara for you :)

  3. Lovely goodies Parul....I hv an award waiting fr collect it here

    1. Awww thanks Ruby for the award..ur just so sweet


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