Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Summer Sunset 615

How many times have you gone to a store to pick something up and lost your heart to something completely different? Having collected around seven Maybelline lipsticks I swore not to get any more but then temptation rears its ugly head and Maybelline launched this gloriously beautiful Jewels collection of lipstick. So I go to the store and swatch all the colors and like almost all of them :P but then pick up this gorgeous pinkish reddish brownish shade named Summer Sunset from the normal collection. It has this hint of shimmer which I find really fascinating in lipsticks and the color is really drool worthy. So as soon as the SA swatched it I knew I was a goner.

Idea for image courtesy my friend Zara 
Packaging and Price

I like the square packaging of the lipsticks with the different colored caps that signify the family the shade belongs to. The Maybelline Color sensational is divided into Pink, Reds, Browns and Plums with corresponding colored caps for the shades. This one has a red cap to signify that it belongs to the red family although I do not fully agree with this. It is priced at INR 350 and is quite affordable considering its quality and texture.

Color and Pigmentation

Summer Sunset is a beautiful reddish pink shade with a hint of some brown and shimmer in it. It looks beautiful on the lips and the slight silver shimmer gives your lips a nice shine without looking OTT. On my lips it looks pinker and more coral. This would be the perfect shade for people who are scared of bold colors or want just a color that brightens your face instantly. It would look beautiful on dusky girls and not neonish like other shimmery lipsticks. The pigmentation as with all Colorsensational lipsticks is just fabulous. No problems with hiding lip pigmentation with this product. The texture is nice and creamy. The color stays on for around five hours on me and then starts fading evenly. Some people do complain of this range settling into fine lines but that is not a problem  

Recommendation: Yesss…Yesss it’s a lovely shade go get it!!


  1. u look so beautiful in the swatch

    1. Aww thanks dear..all thanks to the wonderful color

  2. beautiful shade...thnks for sharing

    1. Thanks certainly is a lovely shade

  3. This is one gorgeous shade ... Saw it on Radhika (weekend ramblings) today and it suited her too !!


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