Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bourjois Colorissimo Lip Palette 02 Roses Muses

Have there been times in your life when you just want to murder a SA? Well for me it’s happened quite a few times and this was one of these days. I had heard about the launch of these new lip palettes by Bourjois and needless to say was extremely excited about it. So I go up to this SA and ask her about it. First she looks all confused and then I actually point out to the palettes to show her that is what I need. Somehow she manages to swatch the colors (while dropping some things and fumbling with others, really I have never seen such a clumsy SA) and then I choose the Rouge collection which is a nice mix of reds and orange. Now after billing I go to her and she hands me the second palette which is Roses Muses, a collection of light and frosty pinks. Me being in a hurry I just rush out with it and only take a look at home. I was so bummed about it and exchanging it was not a possibility…So I have to use it …Whew that’s a long story but I really needed to vent my ire somewhere.

As for the lip palette Bourjois describes it as:


The palette Roses Muses is described as “poetry on your lips with 3 easy-to-wear pink hues!”


Each palette has three lipstick shades housed in a round palette along with a dual foam tipped applicator (Really Bourjois like what were you thinking when you gave us that useless applicator) The plastic top allows you to see all the shades. In fact the packaging is quite similar to the smoky eyes trio eyeshadow palettes by the brand. It is available at Bourjois counters for around 715 INR for around 1.8g of product. So it is kind of pricey as well. The only thing that might be a saving grace is that it is really cute, has three colors and can be carried around anywhere

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Pigmentation and Texture

The pigmentation is horrible. I know in the swatches it looks nice and bright but really you have to struggle a lot to get the color especially if you have ghastly pigmented lips like mine. I needed at least five to six swipes for the color to show in the swatches. The first shade in the palette is a light frosty bluish pink while the second shade is a bright fuchsia pink. The third shade which is the only one that I can actually use is a reddish pink. The first two shades do not show up on my lips at all. Fairer women with less lip pigmentation might like it but it is certainly not for me.

The texture is pretty ok. It settles down into a matte finish without being overtly drying or accentuating the fine lines. It lasts for around four to five hours at the most. Here is how the last shade looks on my lips (Doesn't look reddish pink at all on the lips)

I have read mixed reviews about it on the net and frankly I am not a big fan of this product. I love Bourjois products and really did not expect to be disappointed with this. However, you can try it at the store before getting it.


  1. loved the colors in the palette!! but too bad the pigmentation is horrible :/

    1. Me too desperately wishing the pigmentation was better real disappointed with this product

  2. oh, i love the palette but didn't know about the pigmentation, so sad.

    1. I dunno if the rest of the palettes are the same but the pigmentation of this one is real sad


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