Friday, November 16, 2012

Mac So Chaud is So Hot!!!!

If you know me you would know how crazy I am about orange red lippies. If you don’t then ask my hubby who will tell you of the sleepless nights I spent just because I had a nightmare that the LE lipstick Scarlet Ibis is all sold out J. Well, what can I say now I have Scarlet Ibis and also this gorgeous reddish orange lippi in my Mac pro palette called So Chaud. Its gorgeous, beautiful, hot, totally wacky orange red shade with the red being a little more subdued than the orange. Mac describes So Chaud as being an intense reddish orange which is a perfect definition of this sexy color. It suits warmer skin tones because of the slight yellow tones in it. It is from Mac’s permanent line of lipsticks and is priced at INR 990.

The surprising part and the reason I love Mac matte lippies is because of its texture. Now So Chaud is a matte lippi which unlike other matte lipsticks is smooth and not drying at all. It stays on for well a long long.. long time. I was out in he heat for around six hours and the liipi had not even faded (How cool is that!!). The only thing is that when it does fade it tends to fade a bit unevenly leaving you with little bubbles of lipstick on your lips (I just take out a tissue and wipe off the lipstick and then reapply)

 Despite the high price tag and the uneven fading I love this lipstick and somehow wonder why I haven’t bought it before. Here are the swatches and FOTD.

Here is a comparison with Mac Scarlet Ibis which is a LE edition lipstick (It was launched in the Scarlet Ibis collection and will now again be re-launched with the upcoming Marilyn Monroe collection in India) . Both are similar but Scarlet Ibis has more red than this one. Both are beautiful with amazing matte finish and gorgeous pigmentation. 


  1. The shade suits you so well :D
    Even im in love with orange lippies :P
    xoxo <3

  2. Thanks lips are so in trend love them

  3. Hey, I'm ur newest follower. This lippie looks gr8 on u. Feel like trying it but don't think I can carry off such an orange shade.

    1. Hi Dollie welcome to my blog darling...I was scared of oranges too but u shud try them they look great on Indian skintone..besides this is an orange red so does not look that stark

  4. Nice color. I think it's bright and lovely, and looks stunning with your skin tone.
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  5. I need so chaud and scarlet ibis in my life! Looking good on u :)


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