Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mac Pro Lip Palette in Editorial Oranges: Mac Crosswires Lipstick

I am still swooning over my Mac pro lip palette in editorial oranges. Other than the fact that I am a hardcore Mac fan who suddenly finds her wish coming true and gets six lipsticks in a single palette (sigh…), this palette also reminds me of my orange tabby cat. Yes I am a total cat person and have a beautiful tabby named Genie who is well probably one of the most spoilt and pampered cats in the entire world. See the swirl of orange fur on that oversized cat. Does it not remind you of So Chaud and Lady Danger and the beautiful pink nose is just the perfect Mac Crosswires….okay..okay I am just rambling. I know it’s the heady feeling that comes over me every time I see that palette.

Well, to get down to business. This Mac palette available only in Mac pro stores contains five beautiful orange and bronze shades all of which are thankfully there in the permanent line as well. The total weight is around 6g so you get around 1g of product which is ok for a lipstick lover like me who has literally a hundred different lippes in her kitty. I will be reviewing each shade separately as they are well all different and special.

So Chaud: An intense reddish orange
Sandy B: A light pink frost lipstick
Look at Her: A sheen supreme metallic copper lipstick ( my first sheen supreme lippi)
Morange: An extremely loud orange shade (There is no red or hint of any other color in this one..its totally orange “love”)
Crosswires: A coral pink shade
Bronze Shimmer: Its bronzy and shimmery (totally Indian weddings kind)

My favorite shade that resembles my cat’s nose (not meant as an offense my cat is like my baby) is Mac Crosswires which is quite a popular Mac shade. It’s a gorgeous pinkish orange shade which looks more pink on my lips which are dark and pigmented. Mac describes this shade as a clean pinky orange and that’s what it is (Whoever names these Mac lippies is just so intelligent) It looks “neonish” on fairer girls but on me it is more subdued and pretty. In fact this is a shade that suits everyone whether you are dark or fair. 

Crosswires is a Creemsheen finish which are quite nice not overtly drying and stay on for a nice three to four hours. They are pigmented and provide nice opaque coverage. Its like the perfect summer lipstick. In the swatches it lookes pinky but it does have hint of orange which my camera is unable to capture.

The lipstick is available in Mac stores in India for INR 990. It’s a great buy and if you are looking for the perfect coral lipstick then do give this a try.


  1. gorgeous shades and yr cat is so cute!

    1. I know..she is like the most beautiful cat in the world n love this palette as well

  2. i love love crosswires!! it is one of my fav lipsticks and i can wear it out anytime anyday!! and im still drooling over the palette.. such wonderful colors!

    1. I am so in love with this lippi yaar..its gorgeous..wonder why I never paid attention to it before

  3. The pallet is gorg :D
    I love your fluffyyy kittyyy ! omg ! so cute and fluffyyy !
    xoxo <3


    1. Ya she is fluffy alright and seriously overweight :) as for the palette I am toh still staring at it all the time

  4. such cute... meaow.. lovely color palette

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  6. Nice cat!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know or you can follow me and I will follow you back!

  7. Coral pink, that's my favorite too!!!
    nice post...
    Let's follow each other

  8. I haven't ventured into orange lipsticks yet but seeing this palette I'm really tempted. Will try out morange or so chard when I go to mac next.


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