Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maxfactor Lipfinity Frivolous 108: Review and Swatches

Have you ever been to a wedding where you are stuck to the bride and have no time for makeup touch ups or in a party where the conversations just seem to go on and on so you just have no time to escape? Well, that is often the case with me and I am now so tired of making stupid excuses after every two to three hours to do makeup touch ups that I just NEEDED a long lasting lip product. Believe me I looked everywhere from my favorite Mac to the drugstore brands like Bourjois, Colorbar and Faces (I like the Colorbar Velvet matte lipsticks but they stain awfully bad). So while browsing certain blog sites for the long lasting lipsticks I came across Rashmi’s review of the Maxfactor Lipfinity lipsticks and decided that I had to get one of these (I have a folder on my computer where I store all the Rashmi’s recommended stuff J).

On my next trip to Westside I got Maxfactor Lipfinity in shade Frivolous. It’s a bright maroon brown red shade one I am sure all the aunties in the world would love. The application is a bit tricky and can be quite a hassle for some. There is a base lipcolor along with a moisturizing top coat. You first have to apply the liquid lipcolor to your lips and keep them apart for a couple of seconds till the base lipcolor dries after which you can use the lip balm like top coat to add glossiness to the lips.

The base liquid lipcolor is quite good and glides on effortlessly even on dry lips. It settles down into a matte dry finish. You cannot use the base lipcolor on its won. A topcoat is needed not only to seal the color but also moisturize the lips else you can end up seeing those fine lines. The shade is bright and especially suited for night outs and parties. The color is extremely pigmented and it does hide my dark lips effectively.

Once I have applied the base lip color, I then use the moisturizing top coat. You need to keep reapplying this after every three to four hours but even for lazy people like me who forget to carry this along every time, the color does not fade though you can feel your lips getting dry. The only problem is the lines and the dryness which are still quite obvious even after applying the topcoat

This is the perfect long lasting lip product. It just stays on and on and on. The color is still there even after eight hours of eating, drinking and running around the mall. In fact I need to use a special lip makeup remover to get it off completely. The other night I made a cardinal mistake of leaving it on overnight (I was so tired of handling a cranky baby) and in the morning it was still there (my MIL pointed it out).

Recommendation: If you are on an hunt for a long lasting product then you can definitely get this..there are loads of other colors in stores.


  1. The color is so pretty but i can see how drying it is on its own....Looks beautiful on ur lips Parul. :)

    1. The color is beautiful but really on its own its quite a pain to use...u have to remember to carry that lip balm everywhere

  2. OMG your lips look gorgeous! the color is stunning!

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