Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Haul Post Alert!!!

I had a gala time last weekend. We finally went to Mahabaleshwar for a night stay and it was a first one with my daughter. It was raining a lot there and the weather was cold and damp. Roaming in the small yet crowded market and the smell of the cold mountain air is the just the perfect way to celebrate the weekend. Well, before leaving for Mahabaleshwar I went for some grocery shopping and ended up buying some makeup as well J (How can a girl resist makeup after all). Here is my teeny tiny haul.

L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eyeshadow: All Night Blue

My first L’oreal product…I know it sounds strange for a makeup addict but really before the launch of this range nothing from this brand ever appealed to me. Now after getting this eyeshadow I am lusting for the other shades in this range and not to forget the gorgeous lipsticks. The shade midnight blue from the infallible range is nothing extraordinary, a classic navy blue but with the rave reviews on the net I just had to get one of these and this amazing deep blue looked just fabulous. Moreover the price tag of just 450 bucks is really appealing.

Colorbar Eyeshadow in Potters Clay

I love Colorbar as a brand and despite the recent price hike. The eyeshadows that were originally priced at 250 bucks are now for INR300. They have a lot of new shades of the eyeshadow singles, from violets and pinks to lovely greens and browns. I picked this lovely taupe colored eyeshadow called Potters clay. I have used it just once and I have to say it’s the most gorgeous shade that can be paied with a number of colors and can even be used as a highlighter for dusky beauties. Swatches coming soon girls J.

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Peach Crush

Anamika from Wiseshe actually made this recommendation and the moment I saw it at the counter I picked it up even without swatching. Well, Ana recommends something then it has to be good. I have to say I love the shade to the core. A lovely dark coral pink that looks amazing thanks to the slight orange undertones.

Lakme Fast and Fabulous Nail color Storm Green

I love it…its so fun and naughty. The moment I spotted this at the counter I knew this was going in my kitty.

Hope you liked my haul…Reviews and swatches coming soon


  1. Replies
    1. Its really very pretty Riddhi..u shud try it

  2. I loved the Lakme nail paint color. Lovely haul!

    1. Thanx Varsha..the nail paint is really good

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  4. m luv'n everything frm ur haul parul =) cant wait fr d review and swatches =)

  5. loved the haul..small but good in love with colorbar sure ull like it..loved the lakme np shade :)

    1. I love colorbar eyeshadows too have two of them now and planning to get a lot more..lakme nps are fab

  6. The nail paint is a real beauty.. An apt color for the season.. Waiting to see peach crush's swatch!


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