Friday, January 13, 2012

Some Budget Buys: Elf, Meylon, Faces etc.

Recently I went to Clover Center in Camp, Pune which is a great place with lots of boutiques that have some amazing clothes, shoes, bags and of course makeup. The basement is filled with small tailoring shops and boutiques. It also has a beauty center which has a number of products which include daily essentials to all your makeup products. Moreover it also has small counters of your favorite drugstore brands like Revlon, Bourjois, Maxfactor and Faces among others. It also has Body shop products, OPI nailpolishes, Elf products and some cheap brands of cosmetics as well. Needless to stay I went berserk roaming around the place till I finally picked up an Elf blending brush and a Faces Eyeshadow brush from there.

Here are the pics:

Elf Blending Brush (Price: INR 149)
Well, it is quite nice considering the price tag. I know it is not comparable to a Mac brush but then it is quite good for eye makeup starters like me. The bristles are denly packed and a bit scratchy. A close dupe and probably a much better one would be Vega PB15 professional eyeshadow brush.

Faces Eyeshadow Brush (Price: INR 99)

This one is surprisingly quite good. The brush is densely packed and the bristles are soft. It also picks up the eyeshadow quite well. Moreover the shape makes it easier to pat on and blend eyeshadow.

I also got an eyeshadow and a cracking nail polish from, Bette, a shoe and bag shop in Clover Center

Meylon Eyeshadow (Price: INR 130)

This is so pretty and resembles those baked mineral eyeshadows out there. The color is a sparkly purple and the texture of this eyeshadow is a nice satiny smooth. I don’t know where you can find it but I guess most beauty centers have this and sometimes Fashion and You has a sale on Meylon products. I also saw it on a online deals site but the price was exorbitant.

Miss Claire Crackle Nail Polish (Price: INR 225)

I spotted a crackle nail polish on the counter and immediately grabbed one even though I don’t do any nail art but this seemed easy. There are many colors available and the price is great as well.


  1. wait a min! Pune has a beauty Center? OMG wow! where in clover center temme plz Parul.....
    and awesome haul btw :) both brushes i love and crackle nailpolish????? wah wah wah... awesome!

  2. Yes dear it is in the basement of Clover Center..some Sunshine Beauty must have seen it..its a big walk down the stairs and it is to the immediate right..its good if you want to find stuff like OPI nailpolishes and a few Elf brushes.

  3. WOW i really wanted to grab some elf products!!!

  4. yey!!! i luv that store PAro..and ur right these brands r so awesome and affordable...

  5. OMG ! ELF - in india ??? Elf in PUNE !! wow !!!!

  6. @ Makeup Chic: Elf products r great..really affordable too

    @ Zara: You've been to tat store? its got some great stuff na

    @ Riddhi: Yup you can find them in Dorabjee in Pune as na..hee..heee

  7. Wowwww awesome haul, do check meylon blushes too, they are damn pigmented and pretty! vega blending brush is very scratchy re :( not that good !

    1. Thanx dear..I will surely try to get my hands on meylon blushes if i can find them...good thing I dint pick up the vega brush..this elf one is great, a bit scratchy but works quite well.

  8. I got the Faces belnding brush, it's very good for it's price! Faces is becoming my everyday use fav brand.
    Good and a very useful reviews, Parul. Thanks


    1. I love the Faces brand too....whatever I have got till date I have certainly not been disappointed.

  9. nice haul the eye shadow and nail color very much <3

  10. even i use faces eye shadow quite well for me..


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