Monday, January 9, 2012

Mac Groundwork Paint Pot: My Lifesaver!!!

I recently realized that I have been blogging for a month and have not put up any post about my favorite Mac products. Mac is my first makeup love and given a chance I would rather pick a Mac than anything else. Unfortunately in Pune you have to be content with a small Mac counter but then it is better than nothing. Well, the Groundwork paint pot may not be the most exciting Mac product out there but it is certainly one of my favorites. In fact it is a lifesaver for someone like me with oily, dark pigmented lids.

Groundwork paint pot is a cream eyeshadow which is more often used as an eyeshadow base to prevent creasing. As most of you know Mac has a huge collection of paint pots including neutral shades like Painterly, Soft Ochre or Bare Study to colored paint pots like Rubensque and Constructivist. Among these Painterly is widely popularly particularly because it has a pink undertone which suits fairer skin tones. Unfortunately for me Painterly just does not work at all. It looks ashy and all weird on me. So I chose to go for Groundwork which is a neutral taupe shade that is perfect for people with medium to dark skin.

Price: INR1050. I know it sounds exorbitant especially if you are using it as an eyeshadow base but trust me this product is worth it. Moreover it lasts really, really long. You can check the dent I have made even after six months of using this product.

Texture and Pigmentation: The texture is smooth and creamy. I use a concealer brush to apply it on my lids and it blends well. You can also use your fingers but I just find that extremely yucky. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to blend super fast as it tends settle and dry after application.

On my lids the color blends in for a neutral look. However people with fairer skin tones can use it as an eyeshadow as well or try pairing it with dark purple. As an eyeshadow base it is perfect. No creasing, no fallouts and most of my less pigmented eyeshadows tend to look much better with this as a base. The eyeshadow lasts the entire day with this base and I love it.

Swatch of Groundwork

Left: Without base Right: with Groundwork paint pot as base

What Do I Not Like

  • The price hurts but then for such a quality product I am willing to spend the bucks
  • Blending it can be a pain if you let it set in
  • You have to use your fingers to take out the product but I use my concealer brush for it. You can also use a lip brush to apply the color. 
If you are looking for a good eyeshadow base and have dark lids or medium to dark skin tone then you should definitely give it a shot. As for me I just don’t know if I will ever be able to finish it. However it is actually my favoritest Mac purchase till date and I am completely in love with it.


  1. sounds nice..thnx for reviewing :)

  2. @Deepika: hee..hee..sure dear very soon just being lazy :P

    @few unnecessary stuff: U r welcome is actually quite good.

  3. all so true Parul.. i use painterly and it sure is one product i cannot do without :)

  4. I know...I love this Mac product so much..Painterly is great too especially if you are fairer..

  5. i love MAC paint pots ..staying power and smoothness is drool worthy :)

  6. Yup I know Ana they r super awesome...

  7. this sounds like a really great product.....but the price is killing!!!!!
    BTW nice review......<3

  8. i dont have even one paintpot Paro!!and everytime i see a gr review like this i kep thinking about wot m missing... :)

  9. Oh dear Zara u shud get one..its amazing..Painterly will be perfect for u..

  10. looks good..nice review:)
    do chk out my blog


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