Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My New Year Shopping from Jabong

I have been away from blogging for so long and have missed it so much. However, I just had such a brilliant shopping experience recently that I had to write this post. I love online shopping. After all what's not to love. It is simple, quick, and u get exactly what you want. Being a working mom makes this a dream come true. After all who wants to spend the harried day at a mall.

I was tempted to shop at Jabong. It is got such a brilliant selection of products. From branded clothes to some really affordable accessories and of course lots of makeup.

I ordered a black bag, a pretty grey cluth wiith a red bow, and the new L'oreal kajal magique. I ordered it on the 1st of Jan and got my parcel the very next day. The delivery was so quick and all the products are perfect just the way I saw them on the site. I has opted for COD and faced no problems with it. Here is a look at my haul.

Do check out the amazing deals on the site, especiaaly the biggest fashion sale
on the site and get wowed. It hss all great brands Iincluuding Vero Moda, UCB, Steve Madden and so much more. I am so excited about the MUA products on the site that my next haul is sure to be loads of Mua for me.

Easy to use interface
Availability of just about everything you need
Quick delivery
Sign up and get 1500 vouchers
Amazing sales

Umm.... can't think of any


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